Hundreds pay respects at Officer Renn’s viewing

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by Aishah Hasnie

INDIANAPOLIS - Hundreds of people filed in and out of Crown Hill Funeral Home, Thursday, to express their condolences to the family of slain IMPD Officer Perry Renn.

People like Mike Harris and his sister Amy Harris said they wanted to personally thank Renn's father and show Metro Police that they are standing with them.

“We wanted to come out and show IMPD that there is those in the community that still really care about them and really support them," said Amy Harris.

Mike Harris said it was after watching Fox 59's interview with Renn's father that he was moved to come shake his hands.

When asked what that was like, he said "Sad ‘cause I couldn’t imagine losing my child.”

Some waited in line for an hour and a half to see Renn's family. Many described it as a somber mood, but they were glad they were able to come.

Even a former panhandler came out to pay her resepects. Lisa Fox shared with Fox 59 the kindness Officer Renn showed her one day when she was begging for money to help pay her rent.

"An officer pulled up and I said 'I know you're gonna chase me off.' And he said 'No, I understand' and he called me over to his car and he gave me five dollars. And just told me to take care and be careful."

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