One dead after shooting on Heather Court

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 12, 2014) — IMPD is investigating a fatal shooting on the city’s far East Side.

Police dispatchers say a woman returned home around 11 a.m. Saturday to find her husband shot. She ran to neighbors for help and to call police.

When officers arrived, they located an unresponsive male inside the home that had sustained obvious signs of trauma.  The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.  It is believed the victim lives where he was found.  He has been identified as 31-year-old Dexter Smith of Indianapolis.

Detectives are following-up on several leads but at this time do not believe this incident is a random act.


  • Rick Stewart

    The only way to eradicate the high murder rate in indianapolis is to stop the ghetto thuggery. White, black, it doesn’t matter as trash comes from all races. Parents, look at your kids and take charge. If you aren’t, then you are the problem. Adults, take a look at yourselves. If you are stealing, dealing, b/e, carrying weapons for the purpose of anything but self-defense, You are also the problem. You can’t blame society for being a loser.

  • whatdoyoumean

    @ brownize what does this comment mean exactly? He still is someone’s husband, father, son, brother, cousin, and most of all someone’s friend. Sorry if he doesn’t live up to your expectations but he was still a human

  • fred humes

    We need to put action were it needs to be the police have take home vehicles and a lot of them don’t even live in problem areas it would help also if the get out of their vehicles and become more involved with the communities and walk a beat let’s get some real policing going on and as far as thugs go who’s to say who a thug is just because a man is killed don’t mean he is a thug let’s all remember the word VICTIMS. don’t get me wrong we all need to do our part.

    • Sarah Johnson

      Thank you just because he has tattos and gold teeth doesnt mean he didnt live his life right im covered in tattoos and had 2 gold teeth i work 3 jobs, own my house, in Irvington, raise 3 beautiful and smart daughters and this could have been me or my husband. You cant control the persons mind that set out to do this or change their mind from doing it so who they choose as their victims is not up to anyone else. Think about what you’re saying and who you’re saying out about before u speak hell his family could get upset at these comments and come to one out your houses and kill u ppl for degrading their dead family member then what whem ppl get on here and stereotype u as a thug or drug dealer just because u got shot! Ijs THINK ABOUT IT! REALISTICALLY

  • Sarah Johnson

    As human race you guys should be ashamed to be stereotypically critizing Dexter and justifying that someone ran in his house and brutally murdered a man who was a father to many children who was someones son, nephew, brother, husband, friend, A HUMAN BEING PERIOD. THERE IS NO JUSTIFYING! I DONT CARE IF HE SPENT 20 YEARS IN PRISON HES A HUMAN HES A CHILD OF GOD AND HIS KIDS NOW HAVE TO LIVE LIFE WITHOUT GUIDANCE FROM THEIR FATHER, when will it stop who cares if he sold drugs or looks like a thug, that doesn’t cover the fact that he did not deserve to die. FOR ALL YOU GUYS KNOW HE WORKED 3 JOBS AND PAID HIS MONEY TO BILLS A MORTGAGE AND TOOK CARE OF HIS CHILDREN! Don’t do that HIS DAY CAME AND HE HAS TO ANSWER TO THE MAN UPSTAIRS AS SO DO ALL OF YOU GUYS! Let his kids and family mourn and stop the negativity, Jesus!

  • sosickofthis

    That person your talking about sprayed bullets from an assault rifle in our neighborhood ,I agree with not stereotyping people ..but this is one that fell into the thug category….feel sry for the children

  • Kimberly

    All of this unnecessary craziness needs to stop. What is wrong with you young people? This is not Afganastan !!! This is America. If you want to shoot and use machine guns , join the military.

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