Miracle in a tragedy after boys heart goes to a fellow Hoosier

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By Tanae Howard

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 13, 2014) -- It's a miracle birthed out of tragedy.

"There's some kind of mixed emotions sadness but at the same time happiness," said Guerra family relative, Sandra Lopez.

All six members of the Guerra family were killed in an Indianapolis house fire back in February. Several of them donated organs. Liam received Fuentes Guerra's heart. The donor to recipient puzzle was pieced together on social media.

"We sort of met the Guerra family through Liam's Facebook page, it's 'Liams Army' and have formed an amazing bond and friendship with their family and we're thankful. We're thankful for them giving our son a second chance at life," said Liam's mother, Carolynn Sprague.

"It's a good day because God has made this day possible for each of us," said Guerra family member, Isabel Castro.

The Guerra family said prayer was their most powerful tool to cope during one of the lowest points of their lives. Liam's mother Carolynn says the process of praying for a donor tugged at her as well.

"It's hard waiting on a heart because you know what has to happen for your child to have one its hard to hope to wish to pray for that. But to find peace with it and for their family to find peace with it and to know they made such a difference in our lives it’s a miracle in itself," said Sprague.

Although there's sadness behind the way the two families are connected, it’s a bond that lives on.

"We want to be part of his life because we feel that in Liam, Fuentes' heart is beating in him and we'll always remember Fuentes with that connection with Liam," said Lopez.

The Sprague family says they're so thankful to live in the same city as their donor's family, although they were at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital when Liam received the heart.

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