Handcuffed and in wheelchair, man accused of killing IMPD officer appears in court

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Major Davis

by Russ McQuaid

INDIANAPOLIS (July 15, 2014) – Major Davis II entered Marion Superior Court No. 2 clad in a red jail jumpsuit identifying him as a high-profile inmate handcuffed at both wrists to his wheelchair.

Davis is still recovering from the wounds he received in a July 5 shootout that claimed the life of Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer Perry Renn.

Within minutes of the gunfire, when it was unofficially reported that Renn would not survive, Davis was thought to be dead from wounds to the head and abdomen, so much so that his mother told FOX59 News the next day that she feared he might perish without a hospital visit from his family.

“As a mother I should have a right to at least hold my son’s hand,” said Cynthia Davis. “He’s on a life support system. How’s that fair that anything could happen and I never get a chance?”

Davis, her friends and relatives and her son’s fiancée had a chance Tuesday morning to see the 25-year-old father of four alive and shackled at the defense table of the courtroom where he will be tried for murder.

Perry Renn’s family was there, too.

The Davis family was advised by Mmoja Ajabu, who has counseled other families of suspects involved in confrontations with police.

Neither family had a comment after the hearing.

Judge Grant Hawkins presided over the session as Davis was advised that he would face up to 85 years in prison if convicted of the killing.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry told FOX59 News that he has yet to meet with the Renn family to gauge its interest in pursuit of the death penalty.

Released from the hospital and housed at the Marion County Jail, Davis acknowledged the charges filed against him and answered the questions posed by the Court.

“His attorney was afforded the opportunity to speak with him and I’m sure his attorney would have advised the court if there was a problem,” Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson said later.

The probable cause affidavit quotes a civilian witness who was riding with Renn’s partner, Officer Nicholas Gallico, that night. The witness indicated that “Major P. Davis was waving his hands around and/or trying to flag down Officer Gallico.”

FOX59 News asked Robinson if that account led her to believe Davis set out to ambush the officers.

“You could certainly infer that from what was indicated as far as what our arguments may be,” she said. “Those will come at a later time in the courtroom.”

Davis is being held without bond. No trial date has been set although a pretrial hearing will be held Sept. 3.


  • smeg

    There should not even be a court hearing for someone like him why waste the tax payers money on such slime he is guilty and everone knows it just put him in the ground.

  • Brightwood

    Free Major !!!! You here for a reason God wasnt done with you bc your a blessing in alot of people life. Keep your head up & God will do the rest ..

    #Team Major

    • Jennifer (Dempsey) Owsley

      the police didn’t kill his daddy. his daddy had a heart attack, If his daddy hadn’t been doing wrong too, the police wouldn’t have been called. When are the law breakers going to stop blaming the police or everybody else for their wrong doing. Stop doing stupid shit and breaking the law and the police won’t be involved.

  • Brightwood

    Nobody saying nothing about the WHITE LADY (ICarmel,Indiana) killed the 5mth baby at the daycare who only got 3yrs……
    GOD got Major & he will SEE DAYLIGHT !!!!


    • greg

      also..nobody is talking about the three black kids who shot to death a white guy just cause they were bored…looks good for the freakin double standard reverse “I’m a freakin victim” argument you dumbasses keep yellingabout!

    • Rob Pitman

      Yep God has him alright. Who in their right mind would entertain the thought for two seconds that God would side with some low life cop killing POS?? People like YOU are not just part of a big problem today. you ARE the problem. But you’re right. He will see daylight.. Whenever he is allowed outside within the confines of a prison courtyard lol!

  • Jennifer (Dempsey) Owsley

    They need to hang anybody who kills like that, black, white, Hispanic any race. He needs to get it right with God and he might as well except his punishment. He does not deserve anything but jail/prison

  • Get you're life together

    Instead of Major Movement we need to be making a movement to respect our community and our fellow man! He was wrong. He had an illegal gun. There is nothing we as a community should be proud of or supporting him for. We need to take back our community and it starts by getting these kind of law breaking citizens off the street! You wouldn’t be supporting him if one of his stray bullets hit one of your kids and killed them while he was shooting at an officer. Wake up and fight the real fight! Our people are destroying themselves with bad decisions on the daily! Get Jesus in your life and study our movement with MLK. This is not the way. I can’t support members of my community who are shooting and killing other humans regardless of past events.

  • Chantai Holder

    Seeing All these comments makes you grow HATED!!! Towards people for people to be on here saying what he deserves is Wrong cause at THE END OF THE DAY ITS UP TO GOD…And What makes You Guys any Better than Him Look How You All Feel Deep inside YouShould Feel Ashamed Taking His Life wont him come back And think about this its wrong for him to kill a man but it makes it alright to take his life….

    • Showsomeremorse

      It isn’t even about him killing an officer. That is what is really sad is that you just do not get it. He took a gun out and was shooting WAY before the police were even called. Open your eyes….

  • Go back to school

    Wow you sound really intelligent. It’s not about race, it’s about people who do the wrong thing and dumbass people like you who think it’s ok. Get some morals and some spelling lessons. If you want to make it a race thing I’m sure yours is probably ashamed of how filthy you look.

  • Showsomeremorse

    Reading some of these comments makes me sick to my stomach. As a city, there is no way we will be able to stop the violence with the ignorance that some of these people have. Writing free major on this site is pathetic. You have no compassion for human life after reading all of your psotings. I m sorry but this city is doomed. There are plenty of more people that feel the same way as these people posting that our saying this idiot is not in the wrong. The whole reason that Officer Renn was even called there was because he had gotten in an argument and was firing his gun at someone else. AGAIN, showing no compassion for human life. People play the victim way too much these days and he and his family are a prime example. The ignorance that this family has along with their friends and peers that agree with the absurd comments that have come out of their mouths is horrifying. I also know for a fact that if someone broke into one of these people’s homes and began shooting, who would be the first person they call? Yep, the police.

  • olderthandirt

    Just remember, thugs, we don’t need a permit, permission or pay a tax to maim you. Kill a thug. It’s a movement.

  • Showsomeremorse

    I read that the dealth penalty is being considered, and I hope it happens. This guy does not deserve to live off tax payer’s dollars. I don’t want to pay for his food, cable or recreational activities. Why should he get to lift weights, converse in the yard with other inmates and play basketball and other crap like that? He not only took someone’s life, but given the chance, he’d do it again. This guy has shown no remorse or compassion for human life. Inject him now and get it over with, please.

  • Kendra

    All these people saying free Major are sick in the head. He killed a man for no reason yet you whack jobs want him free rooming the streets? You all are the main ones hollering and crying on TV when one of your home boys get shot because of unstable people like this. Show some common sense, if he is a danger he needs to be OFF the streets. You all praising him for breaking the law are the main reason blacks like me don’t go no where near the “hood” unless we have to. Your lack of education is sad, your outlook on life is sad, and your ignorance just makes me sad.

  • Brightwood

    white people so worried about ( MAjor Davis ) yall need to worry about yall kids thats out smoking crack at age 7.CAUSE IM TIRED PAYING TAX DOLLARS FOR ALL THESE REHABS TELL YOUR KID TO STOP SMOKING CRACK PLEASE

  • Showsomeremorse

    Why do these things always escalate to a race issue? The issue is that there are people out there shooting people. What gives you the right to take someone else’s life away? This isn’t a race thing. This is a community issue. We all need to come together and stp the violence. Not promote it like most of you on this site are doing. Please get some common sense and some morals and help find a way to stop the violence.

    • Kendra

      As always race is an issue because some blacks use race to deflect all responsibility for their actions and as a black woman I am tried of it. Is there racism? Yes. But you are still responsible for your actions, no one else can dictate how YOU react to a situation.

  • Peace and Love

    A life lost is a life lost no matter the age, race, or gender. If all of you people was so smart you would know that a family memeber is loosing someone whether its to a grave or a prison. I feel for both families because I have lost a sister to violence and nobody ever wins in a situation like this. only God can judge Mr. Davis when its all said and done. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong no matter how big or small the crime is. Our job as a community is to stick together and pray for those who needs help.

      • Peace and Love

        Your right because we are here on earth, but remember we are all here just visiting, this is not our home for eternity. God get’s the final say so on judgement day. Who cares what the jury has to say, that’s there job. I’m praying for both the Davis family and the Renn family. It’s sad that most people of a certain race love to see a black male down when we should be praying for him. Looks like a jury will decide that the caucasian in that 2007 cold case murder should go to jail for killing a man in front of his children. What’s so different?

      • Kendra

        Peace and Love, that is the problem, ya’ll spend more time praying then actually doing anything to help as these young black males. And no a certain race does not like to see black men down. The black race has let these young men down. The other story about the 18 years that was shot was arrested at 9. Where were his parents? How do you not know what a 9 year old is doing. Major’s mother bought him a gun. Why on earth would she do that knowing he was facing demons and not stable? The difference with the 2007 man is that nobody is spamming the board to free him. They disavow the act and not act like he was in the right or just needed a hug. That’s the difference.

    • Scott living

      I knw that’s right white people kill they kids and wife and then kill they self that’s the shit they do and go to a school and kill and kill kids there oops that’s the shit they kids do Columbine High School Sandy Hook Elementary looks like y’all have bigger issues than black people.

      • Showsomeremorse

        I’m sorry, you must not have seen the news where 3 black juveniles killed a marine sitting in his car waiting on his friend, for no reason. Why? They didn’t have a reason..just because. So don’t even start. Each race has their flaws. But I’m not sitting here promoting the Sandy Hook killer and saying free him either? I think he deserves to be fully punished for his crime as should Major.

    • Kendra

      You are so missing then point. They (white) people are not saying they are perfect but they are no blaming the cops or society for the ills of the white community or lobbying for this thug to be free.

  • Me

    Just Because He Was A Police Officer Does Not Mean He Was In The Right . Non Of Yaw Was There And If The Officer Lived It Would Be A Whole Different Story . Majior Is Here For A Reason . . . .

  • Me

    Don’t Try To make it Seem Like Black People Are So Bad Cause White People Started It From Day One When Yaw brought Us Over As Slaves And How Yaw Treated Us And yaw Still Trying To Bring Us Down By Killing Our People AndMessing With Us For No Reason And Get Away With It Now Yaw Mad Because Of How We Are But What Goez Around Comes Around And God See It . Everything Happens For A Reason , Its All In GODSPlan/Hands.

  • Ms Amanda LaVerne

    Man oh man, y’all are so wrong I can’t believe all the hatred I’m seeing from my young people and from the people who wish death upon this young man. Yes there are a lot of opinions on what should happen, what needs to happen or what’s going to happen but nobody know but God, not haters, not lovers, not the prosecutor or the defense, maybe the judge but who’s to say really, but all of this meanness going around, do you know some of the things I’ve read a lot of people need to go to hell for that crap it’s wrong and evil, yeah officer renn supporters gonna feel some type of way because their friend died and yeah we are definately going to feel some type of way because our friend is accused. But to the supporters of renn what you fail to realize these comments are coming from family members and very close friends of the family and the evil things you are saying is getting the reaction and anger that you are receiving, I know the family and I relate to how they are feeling because I have know the young man since he was a child and his father was a very good friend of mine and it hurts my soul to see his son going through this and his family. But being the bigger person I know the truth first hand and the facts so I’m not going to let your feeling and comments affect me as harshly as those much closer to the situation. The situation is all bad all the way around and if you think race has no role your wrong because Lil Major was black and the neighborhood was predominately black and the officer was white, race will always come up even though Major was not a racist public will say that’s a reason even when it’s not because they don’t know Major. I have sons and I know how IMPD treats young black men cause most of the ones they deal with while patrolling in a predominately black neighborhood are young black men and some of the IMPD are kinda nasty with how they deal with young black men even the black officers which there are few patrolling the predominately black neighborhood umm I wonder why that is? Any way so where is race not an issue just because that is the way it is and I’m sure most of the meanest supporters are white from what I’ve seen so that is why it’s becoming about race and only in the social media sect that it is cause in the eyes of the law it was just a suspect shooting a police officer one who happened to be white and one who happened to be black. I wonder if the tables were turned and it was a white boy who killed a black police officer would you supporters be just as disrespectful. Well I’ve rambled enough I’m just sad that people who support the death of Major P. Davis II who supposed to be so much more loving than us ratchet crazy non educated ghetto blacks who go around killing without reason are more disgusting than any black murderer I ever heard of and I never heard of a black man trying to kill his parent. And you can analyze this comment all you want and make fun of it redicule my grammar punctuation or whatever idc I’ve made my peace with who I am and I’m not gonna let you break me, I was on nobody side I supported the family because we are neighborhood but now I’m on Major’s side because you supporters of the death of this young black man comments reactions and evilness has made me want to say free Major! With that being said I bid you good night!

  • bo

    **** u haters some of these cops need to be knocked off.but did yall see what the cop did to a man and a wheelchair? Nope because yall to ******stupid to understand life is what u make you make ur bed u lay in it in the shit i see about this black man is wrong everybody is not perfect

  • Lucy

    Hey maybe only black police officers should respond to black neighborhoods, then race won’t be an issue (?)

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