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Latino community hosts prayer rally for IMPD on east side

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INDIANAPOLIS - A prayer rally was hosted Tuesday evening by Latino pastors to support the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).

IMPD officers and community members attended the prayer rally at Crossroads Bible College on North Shortridge Road on the city's east side.

"This battle is not going to be won physically. We are going to be behind you, so can win the spiritual battle which is harder than physical." said Chaplain Gerson Cardona.

Gabrielle Solana brought her granddaughter Genesis Lopez to the peace rally.

The nine year old knew Officer Perry Renn was recently killed in the line of duty. Lopez wanted to talk with Officer Renn's fellow officers.

"The police is much more than police. They protect us, Indianapolis - and everyone in the world," said Lopez.

IMPD Commander James Waters says peace rallies help boost morale.

"I was really pleased for them to ask, what can we do? The police and criminal justice system can change minds, at least for a little while. These pastors can change hearts and that's a lasting effect," said Commander Waters.

IMPD's Latino Outreach program works within the Hispanic community to offer resources.

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