Teen suspect in critical condition following shooting involving officers Tuesday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 15, 2014)-- Indianapolis Metropolitan SWAT officers were involved in a shooting early Tuesday morning. No officers were injured, but the shooting left a teenage suspect in critical condition.

Two of the three SWAT officers who engaged the suspect were shot back in March while they were serving a search warrant at a southeast side home in the 1600 block of State Avenue. During the March 5 incident, a total of four SWAT officers were shot and 27-year-old Andrew Sizemore was killed. The officers were serving a high-risk narcotics warrant at the time.

Just over a week after Officer Perry Renn was killed by gunfire piercing his protective vest, the SWAT officers were once again confronting an armed suspect.

"They pin the badge on every single day, knowing what the risks are," said Lt. Chris Bailey.  "And despite their grief, they know the job has to go on, that we still have a job to do and we still have to protect the citizens of Indianapolis."

In the latest incident Tuesday morning, the officers were already patrolling the area near Harding and Pruitt streets on the near northwest side when they heard shots fired. They saw a man firing shots at a car with four people inside, said Lt. Chris Bailey.

"Our officers were in the right place at the right time," he said.

Bailey said the uniformed officers got out of their unmarked vehicle and identified themselves to the suspect. The man turned toward them with a handgun and officers fired at that point, hitting the suspect.

Suspect Javon Wilkins (Photo courtesy of Facebook--confirmed by Wilkins' family members)

Suspect Javon Wilkins
(Photo courtesy of Facebook--confirmed by Wilkins' family members)

Police identified him later Tuesday morning as 18-year-old Javon Wilkins.

Police said he was in critical condition at Eskenazi Hospital where he had surgery for his injuries. Detectives would not release how many times he was shot or where he was hit. Only one of the officers fired at Wilkins.

Police records indicate Wilkins has a long history with police, starting with a Burglary arrest when he was 9-years old.  Later arrests involved drugs and counterfeit money.

No one else was injured. Witnesses inside the car were cooperating with investigators.

Tuesday morning's shooting marked the third incident of shots fired in the area in the past three nights.

Since September of last year, nearly 30 IMPD officers have been involved in incidents of shots fired. Officer Perry Renn was shot at killed in the line of duty July 5.

"There are certain people in our community that just don't get it. You can't go around shooting at people and police officers, it's  just not acceptable and it's not going to be tolerated in our city," said Bailey.

He encouraged anyone with information about the recent crime in that area or Tuesday's shooting to come forward by calling Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

"I think citizens are getting fed up with it. We're getting more and more information from our community. They're providing more information to us that we wouldn't have gotten in the past and we appreciate that. We can't do this alone," said Bailey.



  • a real person

    If the police would stop abusing their authority then people would respect them more. People are fed up with being harassed everyday, and when the police lock them up before they go to processing some police officers beat the hell out of people while in handcuffs, and people are tired of it, you have to give respect to get respect, and I’m sorry the police has lost all respect from a lot of people including me, all because they are abusing their authority and getting away with it and it’s being covered up by the police department. I suggest impd try to regain the community’s respect and possibly people will stop shooting them and the violence might decrease, everybody keeps talking about officer Ren and how he was this and that but let’s talk about all of the people that he killed and abused

    • Citizen1

      In Broad Ripple 7 people shot because 1 citizen bumped into other and instead of saying excuse me I’m sorry man.. One of them pulls a gun and starts shooting. Respect for each other these days is becoming obsolete. Maybe the citizens need to start respecting themselves and each other more. How do you expect officers to react when 2 people cant even walk down the street and bump into each other without one or both pulling a gun and shooting. People just don’t have any respect anymore. So respecting the officers more isn’t going to decrease the violence in this city. Until we learn to respect and show compassion and help each other . The violence will never decrease. has nothing to do with IMPD not respecting us. Yes there are many officers out there that abuse their authority. We are letting a few bad Officers dictate how we see all officers and that’s not right. There are good honest officers out there that are being killed everyday because of they way a few officers abuse there authority. We do the same thing to each other let the bad dictate how we see one another. So I say start showing more respect to each other.

  • olderthandirt

    I’ll tell you what people are fed up with and that’s two bit thugs. Let’s talk about the senseless murder. Let’s talk about the senseless crime. Sorry, we already have plenty of youth programs. Things called school and church. Of course, those programs don’t include drugs or clownin. Boo Hoo. Then there is that other program called jail. And that final program where they sing at the funeral. Or Worse. Ask that brother skatin in a wheelchair. Just remember, thugs, we don’t need permits, permission or pay a tax to maim you. And, I don’t go to jail. Hell of a program. Paralyzed, a colostomy bag and 45 to life. You choose which program suits you best.

  • Nimo

    Police think they can shoot somebody and justified it because one of theres got shot. Any humans life is just as important as a cop. This right here will not go down without exposing the police miss using they authority. They did not identify themselves they shot him in his back.. That’s why they not releasing where he shot. Pretty soon all black man our going to be profiled good or bad. Check his criminal record he don’t have one. Check the witness who was there..This is not fair

    • Greg

      Can you translate that gibberish into English? What is not “fair” is that no matter how stupid you are, you are still able to post a comment. Kids, spend more time in school learning, parents, spend more time with your children teaching them right from wrong, and everyone, spend less time trying to play the “victim” and exercise some personal freaking responsibility for your actions!

  • Get you're life together

    You’re parents and grandparents must be so proud of the foul language and racism you are showing on this site. MLK
    would have none of this! This is not what we fought so hard for and this is most certainly how we as a community should be acting. Grow up! Get your education. Stop having babies so young and with any man who shows you attention. Stop doing and selling drugs. Quit hanging out with so called “thugs” they are losers and are only going to get you caught up and a record! Yall need Jesus in your life! Stop the violence- it starts with you!

    • Elizabeth

      I agree! Too many people out here that hide behind excuses. We need to take individual responsibility for our actions and stop stereotyping everyone!

  • Lesly Johnson

    Just lock him up now and dont let him out. He will do it again, this makes me sick. Get these thugs off the streets

  • Jessica

    I love my baby javon he mu everything god knows i can’t lose him …i know he did wrong but they should ask him put the gun down before they shot my baby the reason why he had it because he thought it was some boys in the car that been shooting at him he didn’t know it waa the cops ….i love him so much and i don’t want him pass on me so im praying so hurt …..love u Javon Wilkins

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