Warmest stretch of weather this month arrives over next 5 days

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Another pleasant day expected today but clouds will return.  At times it will be overcast today.  Other times we will see plenty of sunshine.  We will call for mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day but there will be areas that are partly cloudy all day long and other places that could be overcast for a big chunk of your day.  I think the clouds will be enough to keep us out of the 80s once again.  It’s been a cool month so far but temperatures are set to warm up over the next couple of days.

Coolest on record so far...

Coolest on record so far…

Coolest July on record (so far): As of the 19th, the average daily temperature in the city has been 70.3 degrees.  The record average for the month stands at 70.6 degrees.  Clearly we are tracking toward possibly breaking this record.  We still have more than a week and a half to go so things could certainly change quickly.  As it stands right now we will almost surely break into the top ten coolest July’s on record.  It remains to be seen if we can remain so cool as to set the monthly record for cool conditions in Indianapolis.  If I were a betting man I would take the over.

The warm-up:

Warmest stretch this month

Warmest stretch this month

I like to call the 850mb temperatures “core temps” due to the fact that they are not impacted by things like cloud cover and winds.  Forecasters figuring out potential highs for the day start generally with these “core temperatures.”  I say this to say that the core temp for today is going to be around 13C.  If we were to figure out the theoretical high from this temperature we would add 15 and then change to Fahrenheit.    That would mean theoretically with perfect conditions we would see a high of about 82.4 degrees for today.  Environmental factors will likely keep us out of the 80s today (northerly winds, clouds).  Monday’s “core temps” will be about 15 with the same temps being near 18 on Tuesday.  This is why we feel there will be a strong warm-up.  Theoretically, highs on Tuesday could hit 86 degrees.  Wednesday highs could hit 91.4!  Due to environmental factors we are forecasting a still warmer 84 for a high on Tuesday and 87 on Wednesday.

Strong storms:

Wednesday will also see a cold front pass through the state bringing with it some stronger storms.  The line is not looking nearly as impressive as it was looking on Saturday but we will continue to monitor the situation.  Either way it goes you should be prepared to see gusty winds and plenty of lightning in storms on Wednesday night.

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