Pub Theology: Indianapolis’ best party with a purpose

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By Fanchon Stinger

INDIANAPOLIS - Pub Theology is a movement that is transforming thousands of lives.

Jimmy Burgess says it changed his: “If you give it one chance and it's for you, your heart will be more full and so will your life.”

Pub Theology is helping people deal with life's toughest issues and connecting people to faith over a glass of beer.

The movement started with Daron Earlewine, the Pub Pastor.

"It's been cool just to see people that they don`t go to church at all but this has become their faith community - they're somewhere on that journey,” said Earlewine. "The most fulfilling part is to help people realize that God loves them right where they are and for who they are."

He takes Indy's bands into pubs, taverns and bars with a message of faith, hope, love and beer.  Pub Theology is also taking on the issue of violence in the city. They're teaming up with the Him and Her Foundation, mentoring young people and asking anyone to join them.

Pub Theology is in different bars and pubs every month.

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