Shooting victim speaks to FOX59 after SWAT standoff in Noblesville

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By Tanae Howard

INDIANAPOLIS - It was a frightening scene in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in the Meadows Glen subdivision in Noblesville.

Around 2:30 p.m. Monday, Noblesville police responded to 1000 block of Cerulean Drive for reports of a woman shot. When they arrived, they found a female victim suffering from a non-life threatening gun shot wound.

SWAT crews arrived after reports of a man who may have been involved in the shooting being holed up in the house next door.

The team used their special tactics to make contact with the man inside the home. After he was no longer communicating with them they entered the residence to find him deceased inside.  He was identified Tuesday as 53-year-old Nicholas Proctor.

The Hamilton County coroner's office will determine the exact cause of death.

The woman who was shot, 52-year-old Tricia Wagner, told FOX59 Proctor was her neighbor of 15 years. She says he came at her with a gun while she was checking the mail.

"I went to the ground and he came over me to shoot me again and I said don't do this...think about what you're doing. You don't want to do this and he turned and walked away," says Wagner.

She was able to run and the house and get her husband. She says she was shot in the backside and the bullet came out near her groin area. She was back home just hours after the ordeal.

She says even on one of the scariest days of her life she has forgiveness in her heart and has no idea why he shot her.

"He's had problems emotionally and in his marriage and I had some communication with his wife and I don't know if he was upset about that. I don't know why he shot me, why he took it out on me. "​

Wagner says she forgives him and is saddened by the unfortunate ending.

"I don't have any anger toward him. Its so sad to know that he took his own life. I'm more upset by that because he didn't have to do that. I'm really sorry he felt he had to do that. Sorry for his children and for his wife. I love them and I care about them."​

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