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Fishers teen, family to file lawsuit after encounter with police dog

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FISHERS (July 25, 2014) – A Fishers teenager and his parents will file a lawsuit after the teen was attacked by a police dog last month.

According to court documents, Brandon Murphy, 19, was injured while police were responding to a deadly stabbing involving two other teenagers on the night of June 22, 2014.

Murphy—who was arrested but wasn’t involved in the stabbing and faces no charges in connection with it—suffered injuries “to the torso, arms, legs and genitals,” according to the tort claim filed by the family.

The suit claims Murphy obeyed orders given to him by the responding officers and was not a threat. It claims officers violated his right to “freedom from illegal seizure and his right to freedom from unlawful arrest and the use of excessive force.”

Murphy said he suffered injuries and severe physical pain during the encounter. The family is seeking compensation for his medical bills and emotional suffering.

In its official review of the case, the Fishers Police Department said officers didn’t violate any departmental rules. Police said the scene was chaotic and that a responding officer asked a group of people to lead them to the stabbing victim.

A K-9 officer who’d arrived on scene saw Murphy running and ordered him to stop. Murphy continued to run, the department’s report said, and the K-9 officer ordered his dog to apprehend him. Murphy required medical attention.

The review by the chief of police said the K-9 officer gave repeated commands to stop running and was in complete control of his dog. The report conceded that “increased communications, between the initial officer and the K-9 officer may have assisted in determining the individual’s actual intent.”

Police were responding to a deadly stabbing involving two teenagers. Connor Shockley, 18, died after suffering from multiple stab wounds. Corbin Montgomery, 18, has been arrested and charged with murder.


  • Dave

    Sounds to me his parents might spend their money a little better on hearing test for the punk than lawyers ! Drop the case , and go lick your wounds sissy boy ! When the police say stop what the hell did you think they said shit for brains ? They was there for a stabing you was running away ! Did you think they was just going to let you go because they automatically knew you was not involved ? Hell typically people who are not involved don’t really feel the need to dash off ! Did the parents teach the punk any respect for the law at all ? Or is it all about poor me ? The kid is lucky it was a dog and not a bullet , they roll up and somebodys laying there with a knive hanging out of his body and your trotting off and won’t stop ? Sorry about your luck stupid ! Learn it – WHEN A POLICE MAN SAYS STOP – that really does mean STOP

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