Rain drenches parts of central Indiana; pours down on Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 26, 2014) -- Just in time for the end of Saturday's races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, rough weather moved in to the area.

Heavy rain drenched the track, and vivid lightning lit up the storm-darkened sky above. There were no severe weather warnings near the track, but the weather did make some people run for cover. Anytime there's a threat of severe weather during a big event like the Brickyard 400, you want to make sure the thousands of spectators are safe.

"Just pay attention to the video boards, listen to the P.A., if you are on social media, we will try and communicate that way as well," said Doug Boles, President of IMS.

The Indianapolis Homeland Security Office, under the direction of Chief Gary Coons, leads the way in severe weather preparation. They work with IMS in putting together safety plans for races like The Brickyard 400. In fact, they lead the charge on safety plans for a number of events, that's how serious protection is. If any life threatening weather comes through, the Wagner's from Ohio will take cover.

"Run underneath a tent, in a building," said Shannon Wagner.

That may have to happen Sunday, depending on how bad the weather gets.