Cool start to the day, how long the cool air lasts

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(July 29, 2014) – It’s a chilly start to your Tuesday forecast as temperatures dip into the low 50s and upper 40s. The coldest temperatures will come in outside of Indianapolis this morning. We’ve already picked up temperatures in the upper 40s in Muncie.


With the cool start to the day, it’s no surprise it’s going to be another below average afternoon with our temperatures. We should top out around 74°F. This will be the 15th day this month that we’ve failed to hit the 80-degree mark.

FOX_Futurecast We will also see a small chance for rain during the afternoon hours. These are driven by daytime heating and will not make a widespread impact. We are mainly looking at the chance for spotty showers between 3-8 PM with shortly-lived showers. This will be the case for nearly every day this week.


Skies will be partly cloudy overnight and temperatures will be cool. Lows will fall into the mid 50s with light winds from the north at 3-7 mph.


This cool spell is far from over this week. Temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 70s through Thursday’s forecast. By Friday, we will finally get closer to 80°.