Court docs: IMPD officer’s trip to White Castle led to second DUI arrest

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MORGAN COUNTY (July 29, 2014) – An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer’s fateful decision to go to White Castle led to his arrest in a drunk driving case, court documents show.

The arrest was the second for Kevin Brown, a 16-year veteran of the department who was arrested last year and served an unpaid suspension in a separate DUI case.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed in Morgan County, Brown tested for a blood alcohol content of 0.099. He was taken to the Morgan County Jail following the arrest, which happened early Monday morning. He was off duty at the time of the arrest.

Brown had finished working the Brickyard 400 on Sunday when he and his girlfriend went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends, he told investigators. They were passengers in a van driven by someone else. Before arriving at the restaurant, Brown drank two 12 oz. cans of Miller Lite. At the restaurant, he had “a salad, seven chicken wings and four 20 ounce Blue Moon beers,” court documents said.

After leaving the restaurant around 10:30 p.m., friends dropped Brown and his girlfriend off at their home. While his girlfriend went to bed shortly after they arrived, Brown stayed up as the day turned from Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Hungry, Brown drove to the White Castle on State Road 67 in Hendricks County in his IMPD cruiser. He used the drive thru and noticed some friends in the vehicle in front of him. Brown “got on his public address system and said something to them.” He then “turned on his emergency lights, just to play around,” court documents said.

Dispatchers received a 911 call about “a male officer in plain clothes using (a) loud speaker and overhead lights, part of the group appeared to be intoxicated.” The caller lost sight of the IMPD car after it left the drive thru.

Brown said he picked up a man from the other vehicle and drove to Mooresville to drop him off at home. The man invited Brown inside to see his new house. Brown told investigators he hadn’t had anything to drink except at his friend’s house before going to Buffalo Wild Wings and then at the restaurant itself.

He’s charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person and operating a motor vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more. He was due in court Tuesday afternoon.


  • RandyEMT

    Its bad enough patrol cars are used for personal reasons! Serious lack of professionalism, but not an isolated incident. Too many officer involved shootings to be playing games w emergency equipment!

  • Dave

    Damn I usually just eat some chips and warm up some hot dogs in the microwave after drinking late ? Old boy should of just hit mcdonalds , just had to go for the sliders

  • Betsy Roberts

    Ime and my friends see them in camby drinking a lot at a Mexican restaurant and he’s always driving the police car it’s crazy. And that gf he has I guess is a bartender he complains about at applebees there and she drinks on the job a lot I guess when she closes and takes pain pills so I figured maybe she drugged him he says she’s crazy but I don’t know anything about here. But he deserves what he gets can’t be out drinking bd driving ever his gf will be next she drives with her kids all the time like that but worse! The entire town knows it I pray she just doesn’t kill or hurt her children or anyone else’s.

    • Dave

      Oh hell ? Driving around a drunk pill popping gf around 2 ? In our car ? Wow save the kids Betsy if what you say is true turn her ass in ! Driving drunk is one thing but taking her kids out in the car ? No f**** way ! He should of done something his damn self !

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