New report sheds light on investigation into local VA facility

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INDIANAPOLIS - This week the VA scandal is back in front of Congress as lawmakers review a new report from VA investigators.

In that report, a union official at Roudebush Medical Center tells investigators that manipulating wait times has been a ‘common practice’ here at the Indy VA facility.

“We take any concern relayed by our labor partners very seriously and we've investigated different things that have been brought up and can find no evidence of any wrongdoing on the parts of our schedulers or manipulation of data,” said public affairs officer Julie Webb. “We actually would like to have more information because that's the only way we can fix things.”

But if you ask two different veterans about their experience at the VA, you might get two different answers.

Army veteran Rick Becker says he's had a difficult time.

“To call in and make an appointment, I’ve spent minimum 30 minutes up to 3 and half hours,” said Becker. “In almost every VA I’ve been to including here, it takes months. You have to get re-evaluated every time.”

But Navy veteran Bill Moylan says his experience has been much different.

“For every bad story, there’s ten good stories,” said Moylan. “I’ve been coming here 20 years and the staff and nurses and doctors have been wonderful to me. In fact I wouldn’t be standing here if not for them, they’ve saved my life.”

Becker said it’s been a struggle for several years, ever since he served his country overseas in Kosovo.

“When you get back, you feel like everything is done and behind you, but there’s still a conflict,” he said. “The conflict is a paperwork conflict and a bureaucratic conflict that causes you not to get the help that you need.”

The latest report will be discussed at a briefing Wednesday in Washington.


  • Rusty

    The deal with the Senate and Congress approving the Bill yesterday. Everyone still has to be approved by the Director and/or Deputy Director of the VA Hospitals before they cans see outside medical treatment.

    With Tom Mattese as the Director of our VA Hospital, we as Veterans still have little hope! Tom does not like Veterans. Fourteen years ago, when I started my Not-for-Profit Company recycling computers, Tom told me that he would rather throw the computers away than to give them to the Veterans. Then they were exposed for throwing away the computers with all of the patients information on them.

    Now he is in charge of the VA Hospital, it has gotten much worse. People do not want to work for people like him. They have created a hostile environment for the Veterans, their families and the employees.

  • Rusty Johnson

    Why don’t they fire all of the VA Regional Directors and VA Hospital Directors and hire retired Sergeant Majors and Generals? No one cares more about the troops and Veterans than Generals and Sergeant Majors! These men and women know how to take care of their people!

    Instead the Veterans have to deal with idiots here in Indianapolis who don’t even like Veterans! A General never stops being a General and the same with Sergeant Majors! I promise you that this bull crap would not happen under their watch!

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