Two more arrested after Indianapolis woman’s body found in cornfield

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Amanda Gonzales (left, Joe Meyers (center) and Ronnie Westbrook (right).

HANCOCK COUNTY (July 30, 2014) – Two additional arrests have been made in connection with the death of an Indianapolis woman found dead in a Hancock County cornfield.

Katrina Miller, 23, was found dead on July 24 in a field near the intersection of County Road West 800 and County Road 350 North. Investigators said her remains were there for several days.

Monday, police announced the arrest of Amanda Gonzales in the case. Wednesday, prosecutors announced murder and kidnapping charges against Joe Meyers and Ronnie Westbrook in the case.

Miller died from a gunshot wound, and police found a shell casing near her body. They used fingerprints to confirm her identity. After her body was found, two witnesses came forward to tell police they knew what had happened.

One witness said Gonzales told her how Miller died. According to the witness’ account, Gonzales said they drove out to a cornfield and told Miller to get down on her knees. Meyers then shot her in the back of the neck, Gonzales said.

The dispute was over drugs that disappeared in Westbrook’s room earlier, court documents said. After Miller was killed, Westbrook and Gonzales found the drugs. The witness “told (investigators) she thought Gonzales took and hid the drugs because she was mad at Miller for finding her and Westbrook in bed together.”

The witness urged Gonzales to step forward and tell police, but Gonzales didn’t because she was scared, the witness said.

Another witness said Gonzales told her that “Meyers shot and killed Miller in the cornfield.”

Court documents also reveal that Westbrook was wearing a GPS monitoring device. Data from the GPS showed he was in the area of County Road 800 West and County Road 350 North on the morning of July 20, 2014, which is when Miller was killed. He’d traveled there from the Always Inn, 7410 E. 21st St., Indianapolis, which is where he lives.

Westbrook denied killing Miller. Police told him they were convinced he had information about what happened and knew why Gonzales had been charged with murder earlier in the week.

Surveillance video from the Always Inn showed Meyers and Westbrook getting into a Ford Expedition with two other people on the morning of July 20.

When interviewed by police, Westbrook had no explanation for the surveillance video, court documents said.


  • Dave

    Well well drugs and sleeping with the whore ! And then foundthe drugs they all deserve each other ! Stupid crack heads !

  • Ashley

    Does it ever stop ?? The drugs in Indiana have caused Soooo many more deaths than the usual…. its really sad that no one can stop this. I mean literally its everywhere and right in fro of your faces !!

    • Dave

      Good question for the judges/prosecutor ? Why are you letting trash like this out to eventually kill some one ??? All 3 are ass wipes ! And with all I’m hearing the dead girl well she was not much better !

      • none

        Agree!!! 1 stoner trash person less… and 3 stoners out of streets… if they are from 4 different family … I am sure it will be 4 less Food stamps benefits that Indiana will be save…

  • TheLeastInterestingManoftheDecade

    I thought I recognized this Westbrook thug. Why was he on the street, indeed

  • Monai Gray

    The Guy In The Middle Wasn’t A Drug Attic Maybe Drug Dealer But He Worked At A Tattoo Shop On 16th & Tibbs & Did Me Some Awesome Tattoos & Also Has A Family & Kids ! What The Hell Is Wrong With Him

    • Mike

      attic? really? what school did you graduate from to not know the difference between attic and addict?

    • R u kidding me

      I’m sure your tattoos are awesome, I hope he put some facial tats on you. Those always looks good.

  • Lowenbrau

    Oh, so the fact that he was ONLY a drug dealer and not a drug “attic” makes him so much better???? Stupid. You can look at him with his prison-issue head tattoos and tell he is a piece of garbage THUG.

  • Jb

    Don’t let these animals out of jail you know there gonna hurt someone if they get out. Throw the key away and put them to sleep get it over with , they cannot contribute to society we all know that so what good are they doing the community “NOTHING” my point!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Jones

    Upon reading many of the comments posted here I have became more aware that their is not only a drug problem in Indiana, but also a lot of people who need to use spell check.

  • Tina Michelle

    People kill me, This girl was someone’s mother, daughter, and sister. Was she an ADDICT yes, did she deserve to die NO. I’m sure everyone has someone in their family with some type of addiction, her family didn’t deserve to go through this and her daughter sure as hell doesn’t. Until you deal with an addiction you have no clue what its about, she will never have a chance to get clean and live a normal life, because some dumb bitch was upset she slept with the guy she liked, so she set her up. Everyone keeps focusing on her addiction and not the real reason as to why she was really killed. It states very clearly, she did not take the drugs, they were found after she was killed. So back to the real reason she was killed, its because of the dumb bitch didn’t get the man she wanted..

    • Dave

      Yes your right on a couple of things the bitch was a dead beat slut whore that hid the drugs/set her up ! The other girl was a drug addict but she was giving her kid up ? As for the 2 thug ass punks the were not men they are little bitch ass girls who think they are somebody ! Any one who puts a girl on her knees and shoots her in the back of her head needs butt fucked then kicked to death !

      • Tina Michelle

        I agree. But at least her sister is the one with her daughter. She didn’t do like most that are addicted and trade her kid off. Her family said she had issues and I’ve seen first hand people that try to beat this drug its hard. I have a nephew in prison over this drug and he was a smart kid at one time that could have went to any college he wanted, but one night out with his buddies and one hit of this drug changed his whole life. Its sad, but for a lot its reality. I believe all 3 of these people deserve the same fate they gave to this young mother.

    • Tina Michelle

      You lay with dogs you wake you with fleas???? Really. Are you sure you didn’t visit their motel room ????

  • Starlett Miller

    In Indianapolis (Marion County) This year
    85 homicides
    1 yellow 1 black suspect
    3 brown 2 black suspects
    24 white 8 black suspects
    57 black 56 black suspects

    And now. one of the only homicides in Hancock County in recent history has been perpetrated by yet another young black male.
    WHY are black people surprised when they are profiled.

  • James Reed

    Just because you are black or any other color does not mean you should be profiled dumb ass. There are plenty people of color that are doing the right thing for them to have to suffer from what a few are doing. Calling every black male who doesn’t look the way you feel they should does not make them a thug. That would be like me saying that every white male that does not wear a suit is a meth head. Smh

    • Starlett Miller

      The FACTS indicate otherwise at least to anyone that has a basic understanding of NUMBERS!
      Almost everybody know what a dangerous animal looks like.
      Almost everybody knows to stay away from hornets, skunks or any other biting, stinging creatures.
      Not all these animals will attack all the time but people still know what they are capable of.
      It is not my fault your cousins have given your family a bad name.

    • Starlett Miller

      They ONLY homicides (plural) because it was a DOUBLE HOMICIDE in Boone County Indiana in the last decade was perpetrated by a black male.

      You think those people aren’t going to think twice about seeing a colored boy in their neighborhood?

      Again… It is not the proper citizens fault that negros have a bad reputation.

  • Joe

    wow… maybe we should look into ourselves and wonder why society is the way it is? When did it become ok to downgrade people? any people? I cant say that I ever heard the Beav call anyone a whore or a slut… Maybe everyone should quit watching so much violent tv and work on bettering the community versus joining the “thugs” they are talking about? Say something nice today… have a good day… hope everyone makes it thru the madness… WE can only change ourselves…

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