Abandoned baby found in west side bathroom trash can

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (August 1, 2014)-- A baby was discovered alive in a trash can on the west side of Indianapolis Friday evening.

The child was found in the 7300 block of W. Morris St. near N. Girls School Road at 8:15 p.m. Friday.

Police say United Technologies workers discovered the baby in a trash can in a bathroom.

The baby was transported to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in critical condition. At 9:15 p.m., the baby's condition was upgraded to "good."

Michelle Caldwell, Manager of Communications for Carrier Corporation issued the following statement:

“We are aware of the incident.  Our thoughts and concerns are with all those affected, and we are currently cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

Carrier Corporation is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.


  • Dave

    wow cant wait to read about this fucking loser ! poor baby , I hope this parent don’t make it into handcuffs ! 1 shot 1 kill

  • Daniel Brown

    someone please find her and blast her name all over the stations that’s what she gets there is no reason for that hope the baby is going to be alright I hope she goes to jail where she belongs

  • Roberta

    She probably a young girl that didn’t want her parents to find out she was pregnant. And she was scared and didn’t know she was in labor and didn’t know wat to do. I feel for the mother.and I hope the baby is ok.

    • Greg

      While I admire your open-mindedness, there is no excuse for putting a baby in a trash can. She could have taken it somewhere where it would be quickly found, not in a damned trash can to die, with trash.

      • xtina

        there Is NO EXCUSE for this kind of thing at ALL!!! And if tat is the case drop him/her of at a hospital/fire station/or police dept not in a dang trash can that is just SICK!! If she didnt want her parents knowing she was pregnant then shes not mature enough to be even having sex!!

      • britt

        Funny thing is, there’s a fire station right near there. I’m a19 year old mother of 2 and I have no sympathy for this woman. Regardless of age or circumstance, that’s below a low thing to do!

      • britt

        There really is no excuse regardless of age or circumstance! I’m a 19 year old mother of 2 so I have no sympathy whatsoever! That’s beyond low for someone to do for any reason! Oh, and there was a fire station not far from there!Once again, NO SYMPATHY AT ALL!!!

    • Dave

      young maybe but as for her parents to know I don’t think so this is a large company she had to work there so she was 18 or older the bitch was just throwing it away like trash ! or worst yet was it in the mens room maybe a guy brought it in from home ?

  • Hope

    I can’t believe this I work at Carrier I clean these restrooms and just to think about it is scary how can someone have a heart to abandon a baby

  • jenn

    I work for this company. .it had to be a young mother that was just hired here…Thank god the baby was ok..I hope they find her…no excuse for this

  • amanda

    I’ve been trying to have a baby for over 2 years and this really sickens me! I would adopt in a heartbeat! !

  • Nikki

    I work there and took the day off…man this is absouletly ridiculous there’s no explanation for this why not give the baby up for adoption?

    • jodi

      First of all the people that work here has to have a daploma ..second there is a nuse station there on site ..I worked there a few months back and there is always someone in and out of those rest rooms someone had to have helped her deliver or heard her …

    • jenn

      It was a black girl who was working during summer break that goes to indiana state university. Janes you must be white with that dumb comment

  • Esh

    She could of been white , or mexican……Asian even, skin color doesnt matter, every race do dumb shit everyday!!!!

    • Rob

      ignorance seem to be the new intelligence that’s making common sense the end of the past.
      Thank you for sharing your common sense for the ignorance.

  • Alli

    Grammar people. Grammar. Please learn to talk at a 1st grade level before typing idiotic comments. Btw…it’s diploma and nurse..the spelling of ignorance…

  • Lily

    These comments are disgusting every last one if them. I hate when ppl throw “I can’t have a Baby how dare she” your circumstances has nothing to do with what ppl do like they’re thinking of your ruined womb while they’re doing bs like this.

  • Leroy

    Hey James, what about the lady who killed not one but seven (7) of her own newborns? I don’t remember her being black. Or the recent headlines of the couple who left their child to die in the hot car, also not black. Open your mind and get some black friends to help you see differently.

  • James

    Or Leroy that one guy that shot the pregnant woman robbing the bank. I’m not saying that white people don’t do stupid shit but the most senseless and heinous crimes are committed by black people

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