10 Point Coalition now equipped with donated bullet-proof vest

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(INDIANAPOLIS, Ind)–The 10 point Coalition have been on the streets of Indianapolis for over a decade promoting peace . They are still committed to that mission, but now they will do their job with a little more protection.

“It has gotten to such a point yes where individuals do worry about their safety,” said Bishop Horatio Luster.

The faith based group now has a bullet-proof vest–thanks to a donation from a member of the community who wants to remain anonymous.

“The vest doesn’t change our personality or who we are, or what we are trying to do.The vest is just a precaution,” said Luster.

While the vest is strong enough to stop a bullet, it hasn’t shielded leaders with 10 Point from criticism.

‘Some people have criticized the fact that since we are a faith based organization–where is our faith? said Luster.

Luster says his faith rests in the work he does on the streets and the vest helps put his mind at ease.

“The reality is that some folks won’t get the message and they will continue doing exactly what they are doing until they come out with us,” said Luster.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite praised The 10 Point Coalition for their work, and supports their decision to wear the vest.

‘It’s about the fact that they are willing to walk out there with nothing more than the faith and fear of God knowing that what they are going to do is the right thing for the right reason,” said Hite.

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  • lisa wooten

    Why is this group only around when the cameras are rolling?? It sickens me that it always about a publicity stunt when it come to ten point coalition. Its program isn’t helping the black youth orthe ccommunity. Smh

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