Murdered teacher’s family speaks to FOX59; fund set up for children

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(Aug. 5, 2014) - The family of a Fishers teacher murdered by her ex-husband sat down with FOX59 about the night their daughter was killed.

"Shannon was my perfect angel. She was a good girl. She was wonderful," said Rita O'Malia.

It isn't easy for Rita, her husband Danny, or sisters Colleen and Janet to talk about what happened to Shannon O'Malia Hall. But, they talk to heal.

"What is getting us through is that, talking about Shannon," said sister Colleen Stine.

"She was a great person. She was a wonderful mother. And, it hasn't hit us," said mother Rita O'Malia.

Shannon, 40, was shot and killed Sunday, July 27, in the home she grew up in on Somerset Way in Carmel.

Her ex-husband, David Hall, dropped their sons off after dinner, came into the house, asked to use the bathroom, loaded a gun and shot Shannon in front of their sons and her parents. He then killed himself.

"We were all there. Rita, myself and the two little boys. Which makes the act even harder to fathom. We are also grateful that we were not hurt, especially the boys," explained father Danny O'Malia.

"He was sick, very ill. No one in their right mind does what he did, no one in their right mind," said Rita O'Malia.

Just 48 hours before the shooting, Shannon was worried her ex-husband was going to hurt her parents. Hall called police Friday night. A week before, Rita O'Malia says David Hall rammed his car into Shannon's car.

The O'Malias tell FOX59, at the time, they didn't realize he was at the breaking point.

"I would never had put Shannon in the category of domestic violence until it was too late," said Rita O'Malia.

"All of us piecing together different things would have tried to do something had we been able to foresee this tragedy," said sister Colleen Stine. "The very last text Shannon sent to me on Sunday was 'he is stressing me out.'"

The couple leave behind two sons, 10-year-old Connor and 8-year-old Danny.

The O'Malias and friends plan to raise Connor and Danny.

"She was a wonderful mother with two beautiful boys that she's given me. I have always been proud of her, but it is so blatantly clear that it's not just me who was proud of her, and Rita, but everyone loved her. That's something to really be proud of," said Danny O'Malia.

If you would like to help Shannon's two young sons, a fund has been set up at PNC Bank under the Connor & Danny Hall Trust Fund.

Shannon O'Malia Hall attended Cathedral High School. The school has already donated free tuition to both boys.

T-shirts with the message "Let Your Smile Change The World" are also for sale to benefit Danny and Connor.