Police arrest 2 men, juvenile accused of robbing jogger at gunpoint

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Raphael Germany (left) and Tragejo Harris (right)

INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 5, 2014) – Police arrested three people accused of robbing a man while he was jogging to work early Tuesday morning.

The man was jogging in the 5200 block of East 56th Street when a silver Chevy Impala stopped. Two men got out and approached him, putting a gun to the 23-year-old man’s neck and patting him down. They went through his pockets and took his backpack, stealing a cell phone, clothes and a debit card.

The men then got back in the car and left. The victim ran to a nearby Speedway at 4960 E. 56th St. and called police. His description of the vehicle helped officers find the Impala near East 56th Street and Arlington Avenue. An officer pulled the car over and initiated a traffic stop.

The victim was able to positively identify at least one of the men. Police arrested Raphael Germany, 18, and Tragejo Harris, 20. A 17-year-old juvenile was also arrested.

Police said the vehicle was reported as suspicious earlier at Thornton’s near 82nd and Dean. At that time, an officer investigated the situation and noted the car’s make, model and license plate number.


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