7-year-old boy hit by truck at summer camp

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. (August 5, 2014) – A 7-year-old boy is being treated at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health after being hit by a truck at summer camp.

The incident happened on Saturday at Springhill Camp on SR 258 west of Seymour.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, a 2004 GMC pickup truck pulling two trams loaded with campers and counselors suffered a mechanical failure involving the brakes.

The truck was traveling downhill when the brakes went out.

The driver of the truck was able to avoid striking another truck by driving off the road into a grassy area, but three campers and one counselor were in the truck’s path.

The 35-year-old camp counselor was struck in the back trying to get two campers out of the way of the truck.

The third camper, a seven-year-old boy from Indianapolis, was also struck by the truck.

He was airlifted to Riley Hospital and is being treated for internal injuries.

The incident is still under investigation.