Mother and baby moved out of flooded, moldy apartment following FOX59’s story

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By Zach Myers
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 5, 2014)-- A young mother on the west side of Indianapolis is now living in a dry apartment, just a few hours after telling her story on FOX59.
Thomisha Smith reached out to FOX59 after claiming she had been living with standing water and mold for two months at the Cambridge Station Apartments near 10th Street and Girls School Road.  She posted video Sunday night from inside her damaged apartment on FOX59's Facebook page.
After telling her story and airing it on television, Smith says the management was able to move her to a clean unit in a different building within about three hours.
"I feel really good that I don't have to have on boots to walk in my own house," Smith said Tuesday.
Shorty after her story aired, FOX59 received a statement from the company that owns Cambridge Station Apartments, Louisville-based LDG Development:
“Cambridge Station Apartment Homes is working diligently with resident Thomisha Smith to address her concerns. She has been moved to another residential unit while maintenance continues to fix the problem. Management has also offered to release her from her lease (which has an existing nine months on it) but she has indicated she’d like to stay.
Our records show the complaint was filed two weeks ago (not two months ago as previously reported) and addressed immediately on a number of occasions to find out where the leak originated from.
Furthermore, our top priority is providing hard-working income restricted families a safe and quality place to live and that is what we want for Ms. Smith.”  -Carolyn McLean, Spokeswoman, LDG Development ​
During a follow-up interview, however, Thomisha showed FOX59 her copies of the paperwork that back up her claim that she had been reporting the problem for two months.  Her first report about water leaks and mold is dated June 3.  The report was followed by three more in June and one more in July.
Thomisha says her property manager did offer to move her to a different unit at one time, but neighors who live beneath the second floor unit advised her against it.  They told her the unit also had leaking and mold issues.
LDG Development pointed out that Thomisha was roughly $2,400 behind on rent.  Thomisha says she started getting behind in May because her now 4-month-old daughter was at Riley Hospital with a pre-existing medical condition.  She says late fees have added up.
"I can pay that," Smith says she told the management.  "I was holding off because you wasn't really doing anything.  But as I was holding off they were adding more and more on."
The move to the new, dry apartment came just in time for Thomisha and her baby daughter.  The little girl was just discharged from Riley on Monday evening as Thomisha was moving out of the moldy apartment and into the dry one.
There are still other discrepancies between each side's version of the story.  But Thomisha says she is ready to move forward and work with her property managers.
"I don't have to feel unsafe and not happy in my home," she said.



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    Statement said “hard working, income restricted”. Unless I missed something, no where in there did it say she’s on assistance. Regardless, rich or poor NOBODY should have to live like that, especially with a sick newborn.

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