COLTS CAMP LIVE | Colts receiver Griff Whalen talks training camp, role models

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(Aug. 5, 2014) - Griff Whalen knows a thing or two about resiliency.

After an injury cut his rookie year short, Whalen rebounded the following season only to bounce back and forth between the Colts main roster and the practice squad. After Reggie Wayne went down with an injury, Whalen became a reliable target for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

It shouldn't have come as a surprise--Whalen and Luck played together at Stanford. He finished with 24 receptions, 259 yards and two touchdowns in nine games.

"It's been a roller coaster," Whalen said of his pro career. "It's been fun. I've had to compete the whole way, and definitely haven't had the easy road, but it's been worth it."

On Colts Camp Live, Whalen told FOX59's Chris Hagan and the IndyStar's Bob Kravitz that he's done everything he can to improve. That includes hitting the weight room, changing his diet and watching film of receivers like Reggie Wayne and Wes Welker.

"For the past few months, I've been doing a different diet. I haven't been eating meat or dairy," Whalen said of his recent dietary change. "It's close to vegan, I guess. I've been learning how different things affect your body and how I can improve just a little bit here or there."

Whalen said Wayne has been a major factor in his development.

"My first couple years, I learned so much from him--just how savvy and crafty he is. But I watch film on a lot of other guys: (Denver Broncos receiver Wes) Welker, (New England Patriots receiver Julian) Edelman, (Seattle Seahawks receiver) Doug Baldwin... a lot those guys who've proven themselves."

Kravitz expects Whalen to make the roster, saying he's a possession receiver who provides depth and reliability.

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