Bride: 7 reasons why you’re not invited to my wedding

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DAVEPORT, Iowa (August 14, 2014) – One bride-to-be in Iowa is getting international attention after posting an online rant about her guest list.

WQAD spoke with the bride-to-be, Candice, whose last name will remain anonymous.

Candice is experiencing the same stress that every bride goes through — who to invite to the wedding.

“We had a list of 280 and we were told that we had to cut that in half,” Candice said.

So Candice typed up a list of her frustrations about deciding who to invite to the wedding, and it was posted on Facebook.

The post, a laundry list of reasons why some may not be invited to the wedding, has since gone viral.

It’s popping up on sites like CNN, Perez Hilton, The Hollywood Gossip, and even sites overseas.

Candice says, “From my friends and family and other people I’ve been getting good responses, saying it’s your wedding, it’s your day, you’re paying for it.”

But not everyone has been so forgiving.

According to WQAD, she has been called selfish, rude, and a bridezilla by people who don’t even know her.

“I guess if being blunt and being truthful is making me a bridezilla then I’ve been a bridezilla my whole entire life, it’s just who I am,” said Candice.

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