Mother of suspect accused of killing police officer clarifies opinion

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By Russ McQuaid

INDIANAPOLIS - The mother of the man accused of killing a Metro police officer this summer has issued a statement clarifying an opinion that was literally heard around the world.

Cynthia Davis said that her claim, "If the officer had not gotten out of his car, he would not have been shot," was taken out of context.

For the first time, Davis admits she was the one who made the statement to an Indianapolis television station that caused outrage locally and globally.

Officers from various police departments, from Indianapolis to Sarasota, Florida, to Auckland, New Zealand, have posted videos on the Internet pledging to, "Get out of my car," in response to violence and their oath to protect and serve.

FOP #86 in Indianapolis has sold 7,000 t-shirts bearing the promise, "I will always get out of my car."

IMPD Chief Rick Hite took part in a video shoot on Monument Circle Wednesday making the same pledge.

More than a month after her son was arrested for the shootout that also left him wounded, Davis said her statement was misconstrued.

"My statement has been interpreted as an affront to the officer doing his job. That was never my intent. I was simply a mother speculating on 'what if?' What if Major, my son, had not gone to the party? What if he had not gotten into an argument? What if the police had not received a call about shots being fired? What if anything had been different, would we now be dealing with the tragedy? My statement was the statement of a mother lamenting the magnitude of this reality and how if just something slightly different had occurred, would it or could it have changed the outcome? I, like veryone else am deeply concerned with how things have turned out."

The same day Davis made her original statement to another TV station, she was interviewed by Fox 59 News and said, "I am very compassionate for the other family. I pray for them because I sympathize for them because I've been in their shoes."

Davis went on to say, "I want you all to know and understand that I have very much sympathy in my heart for the officer's family. I'm so sorry. If I was rewind the time, I wish I could. I wasn't."

The statement, confirmed by advisor Mmoja Ajabu who turned down a Fox 59 request to interview Davis, comes as Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry considers whether to file the death penalty against Major Davis, Jr.

Curry recently filed for capital punishment in the case of quadruple murder suspect Kenneth Rackemann.

Ajabu said the Davis family is requesting that Officer Renn's family join it in a peace march August 23rd at 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue where the fatal gun battle occurred July 5th.

FOP #86 Vice Present Rick Snyder said the organization would prefer to focus its attention on its September 5th "Day of Unity" in honor of Officer Renn's sacrifice.

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