Saving money on college tech toys

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By Scott Jones

(Aug. 14, 2014) – College is expensive, so every dollar you can save is great.

Let's focus on electronics that most college students will need—or at least use.

“So as you’re doing your back to school shopping, consider getting a gaming console, but not just to play games on. Instead, if you plan to communicate with your friends and family back home, look at buying the Xbox One and hook it up to your TV at college,” said Power Jensen from Best Buy.

The video game console has built-in Skype to allow face-to-face chat on your TV. That`s something parents and students might prefer over a cell phone.

Now let’s discuss buying electronics you might use in college. Look to purchase devices that`ll save you money because they are basically 2 for 1.

“Pick up something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3,” Jensen suggested. “It has the computing power of a standard desktop, but with the portability of a laptop. There’s no point generally buying two different devices when one device will do.”

Also, in today’s world, retailers want your business, so look for the deals! Here's a great one tailored to college students who simply sign up for a certain kind of email.

Look at stores that carry deals specifically for college students with an email address that ends in “edu.”

Best Buy currently has a deal where you can save $150 on a LeNovo 2 in 1 laptop or $100 off a MacBook Pro.

After spending all that money, protect your devices with a case and take steps to secure the information inside the device as well. That means coming up with a strong password and changing it frequently to stop important information or your identity from being stolen.

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