Colts starters happy with performance on defense

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Despite walking away with a 27-26 loss to the New York Giants on Saturday night, the Indianapolis Colts had plenty to be happy with after the game. That thought especially stands true for the defensive starters, who limited the Giants first-team offense to elementary output over the course of the game.

“We made a lot of emphasis in the offseason about stopping the run,” said defensive end Cory Redding. “Defending every blade of grass, not letting the ball get over our head. We had five yards passing, and 40-something yards rushing. That is something that we can really build on, and I’m just very excited about what we have right now.”

Just a look at Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s statline can suggest how good the Colts defense was against New York. Manning was just 1/7 on the night with six passing yards, racking up a quarterback rating of 39.6. The Colts defense swarmed on the Giants rushing game as well, and over the course of the night only allowed a grand total of 83 yards over all four quarters.

One member who was especially happy with his standout play early on was linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who finished the night with four tackles and a sack to go with it in his first game as a Colt at Lucas Oil Stadium. Though as everyone else noted, they wish they could have came away with the victory once they stepped off the field, as the team had a 26-0 lead in the fourth quarter before the Giants stormed back.

“In the end man, we are rooting for all the guys on the team,” said Jackson.

“We are rooting for everyone, and we want to finish games. Defensively, you feel bad because you walk out of this locker room thinking thank goodness there is next week. Next week we get to show what we can do in a real life, game atmosphere. We get to play a lot longer, and that fourth game is going to be a lot of the young guys. The product that we show now, we want to show regardless of what unit is on the field, regardless if you are a starter, rookie, or what have you.”

The Colts return to action next Saturday night when they host the New Orleans Saints.

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