Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed legally outside the state

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State of Indiana won’t recognize same-sex marriages

(AUGUST 20, 2014) – A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed legally outside of the state.

Judge Richard Young struck down the previous ban in Tuesday’s ruling.

Plaintiffs Michelle Bowling, Shannon Bowling and Linda Bruner brought the suit against defendants Gov. Mike Pence, Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Michael Alley, and Anita Samuel.

This case, Bowling vs. Pence, was the last case left undecided in U.S. District court regarding the ban on same-sex marriage.

According to the ruling, the state is ordered to “recognize same-sex marriages that, but for their sex, satisfy all the requirements to marry under Indiana law. This includes directing all executive agencies to take actions to comply with this court’s order to afford same-sex marriages the same rights, responsibilities, and benefits as opposite-sex marriages.”

You can find the text of the full case here.