Ball State students gather for peaceful protest

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MUNCIE, In (Aug. 24th, 2014) — After weeks of civil unrest in Missouri and the killing of Michael Brown, some Ball State students gathered to voice their opinions Sunday night on that shooting and others by police officers.

Nathaniel Thomas, junior directing major and president of the Ball State Ethnic Theater Alliance, organized the peaceful rally Sunday.

“It’s an issue that needs to be talked about,” Thomas said. “It’s an issue that needs awareness and the attention.”

Thomas said motivation to organize came as he heard students asking if the Ball State community was going to do anything in light of the recent events. Instead of just protesting what happened in Ferguson, Thomas said the ETA rally took on a wider issue.

And, that included educating college students about what’s going on in their world, in hopes of sending them off after graduation with the power of knowledge.

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