Basketball team raising money for Avon boy fighting cancer

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By Nicole Pence

AVON, Ind. (August 25, 2014)-- An Avon boy fighting cancer is getting some help from Herron High School's basketball team.

Parker Adams, 10, of Avon is battling stage four Neuroblastoma. Parker's father, Scott, coaches basketball at Herron High School in Indianapolis.

The school and basketball team are raising money for the family to help pay for medical expenses. Parker will need several rounds of chemotherapy.

"I am pretty stressed out about what's to come for the next year," said Parker Adams.

Parker say The National Anthem at Herron High School Basketball games last season.

"I was scared to sing, but after I did it I wasn't scared anymore. Kinda like this disease.  After some of the treatments they did, then after I was done, I wasn't scared,"said Parker Adams.

"Parker 1- Cancer 0. We are keeping track. We are keeping score. It is the easiest way to do it. He is winning right now!" said Scott Adams, Parker's father.

Just a few weeks ago, Parker was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It's a cancerous tumor that begins in the nervous system. The 10-year old boy has already had five chemotherapy treatments.

"It is overwhelming. You don't know who is thinking of you until something like this happens," said Amy Adams, Parker's mother.

The Herron High School Basketball team is already conditioning for the season. Coach Adams has taken a leave of absence to focus on Parker's diagnosis.

"Parker is a part of the family. Our team is very close together. I have his back and so does the team and the community," said Senior Corin Daniel.

The school is planning events to fundraiser for Parker and have started a fundraising site.

"He will preserve. Not only that, but we will keep him in our prayers," said Senior Tyson Schumpert.

Parker Adams smiles knowing the Herron High School Basketball team is thinking about him.

"They are thinking about me, and I am thinking about them. We are family and that's good," said Parker Adams.

Also, on September 12, Mount Vernon High School where Amy Adams works will support Parker at the school's Friday night football game.

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