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Westfield Police roll out unmarked sports cars for patrol

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By Kendall Downing

WESTFIELD, Ind. - Speed demons beware. Police in Westfield now have more muscle on the street to catch you. The city's new traffic unit will hit the street in sports cars.

The concept of using sports cars for traffic enforcement is nothing new. Indiana State Police have been doing it since the late 1980s, patrolling in Ford Mustangs. ISP said the program's proven very effective. Westfield is now taking their turn with two Ford Mustangs.

They're the lights of law enforcement, but the look is sporty and unsuspecting.

"It has a bit more pep. It's a lighter car," said Westfield Police Officer Eric Grimes, "With this I blend into traffic. People think of me as a normal citizen, and they drive their typical driving behaviors."

Grimes is on traffic detail. His duty car is not your typical cruiser. Instead, he's behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, sleek on the outside and sleek on the inside, too. There's radar, right on the wheel.

"When you have a marked vehicle, people are going to be on their best behavior. We want to see the driving behaviors of people when they don't think there's an officer around," said Captain Charles Hollowell, with Westfield Police.

Hollowell said police have two mustangs in their fleet, roughly a month old. The goal he said is putting these cars in problem areas, like neighborhoods where people speed or construction zones on U.S. 31, areas where a marked car can stick out.

Those living in Westfield like Michael Schneider said with the construction, drivers sometimes use streets like his as a cut through. He wants a safer street, however he can get it.

"I do see some people come through here very, very fast," he said, "I like seeing the sports cars out there."

In this case, it might come with a little bit of muscle.

"You're going to see these cars everywhere. That's the best thing to say. You're going to see them everywhere," said Hollowell.

The cars come as Westfield is launching a new safe city campaign. You can find videos called "Your Safety Matters" by clicking here.

As for the cost of the cars, police said they are comparable to a regular cruiser.

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