Indy Park Board considering 24/7 access to trails and greenways

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 27, 2014) -- The Indianapolis Parks Board will decide whether or not to keep trails and greenways open around the clock.

Local bike enthusiasts are behind the idea and have built momentum in preparation for Thursday's vote.

"This is not just for the Monon. This is for all the greenways in Indianapolis," said Kevin Whited with INDYCOG.

INDYCOG, a bike advocacy group, has started a petition to garner support.

"Our goal was to get 1,000 signatures in about five days, but we are now up to 1,600 signatures," said Whited.

However, with people on the trails 24/7, some are questioning the safety behind the idea.

"The chances of  being assaulted on the Monon are probably much lower than your chances of being struck by a car at night," said Whited.

"I personally would not ride at night, but I think it's a good idea it gives everyone an option," said  bicyclist Cindy Winters.

"I just think it's a beautiful thing that we can have these trails open at all times for us just to work out," said bicyclist Cindy Winters.

IMPD tells FOX59 that a member of the Park Rangers will speak at the meeting.  They will address some of the safety concerns and outline the manpower required to patrol the trails 24/7.

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