USC investigates cornerback’s story regarding sprained ankles and saving nephew

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 27, 2014) – USC is investigating cornerback Josh Shaw’s story regarding his sprained ankles and whether he suffered the injury while saving his nephew.

It was reported that Josh Shaw sprained both of his ankles Saturday when he jumped from a second-story balcony onto concrete in order to save his nephew in a nearby pool.

But according to ESPN, USC coach Steve Sarkisian has received several calls that question the validity of Shaw’s story.

“I’m going to refrain from talking about the situation itself. I will say that Josh had never given us any indication not to believe his story,” Sarkisian said on Tuesday’s Pac-12 coaches’ teleconference.

ESPN reports that multiple sources told them school officials were skeptical of Shaw’s story before releasing a statement about it on Monday.

Their skepticism grew larger by Tuesday as the story gained steam and multiple media outlets wanted to talk to Shaw, the 7-year-old nephew he rescued and family members who were at the party.

According to Lt. Andy Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Department, a man named Joshua Shaw was mentioned — but not as a suspect — in a report involving a Saturday night break-in at a downtown apartment building.

Shaw was not available to speak with the media.

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