Parents call for change after video surfaces showing students in aisles, on floor of school bus

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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 27, 2014) -- Parents are calling for change after what they say is years of an overcrowded school bus endangering their kids.

In a video taken by a Decatur Township student, the bus is shown packed to the brim, with teenagers sitting in the aisle and on the floor.

"It just makes no sense," parent Crystal Buchanan said.

Buchanan is one of the parents whose kids ride Bus 30 at Decatur Township Schools. Her son Sam has seen it first-hand.

"That's the typical bus ride. ... There was always someone in the aisle way. We were always putting our book bags in the middle of the aisle way," Sam Buchanan said.

The video was taken in February, yet six months later and into another school year, parents tell FOX59 it's still a problem.

"(My son) had to sit on the floor of the bus because ... they were absolutely full," parent Alicia Meyer said.

Meyer's son is one of the kids sitting in aisle and she said that she and other parents have asked for years that this change.

"I was enraged. I actually contacted transportation. ... I left messages, probably four or five, and never received any phone call back in regards to this," Meyer said.

The school district said otherwise, though.

"Our transportation director rode Bus 30 on Friday morning. On that day, Bus 30 carried 47 students to school. They rode two to a seat, with one student sitting alone," a school spokesperson said. "At times, Bus 30 could seem crowded. It is not overcrowded and it is certainly not unsafe. Unfortunately, some students would like to sit on the floor instead of sharing seats. However, sitting on the floor is not permitted."

In a statement to FOX59, the district said that capacity on the bus is 72. That puts three kids in a seat. It's okay under the law but parents said for high school students it is unrealistic.

The district said it would keep an eye on the bus for any overcrowding issues. Still, parents said the video is proof enough that more should be done.

"I want to be able to put them on the bus knowing it’s a safe, reliable transportation for them to get to and from school. You can't play Tetris with our children," Buchanan said.

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