Family continues westside search for missing baby

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Update: Willie Wilson was found not guilty of murder. Read more here.

Original story:

(INDIANAPOLIS, In. (Aug. 31st, 2014) –Its been five days since an infant was reported snatched from his father’s arms during an attempted robbery in a westside alley, and while police and federal agents continue their investigation, its come down to the friends and family of Delano Wilson to find the missing six week old boy.

“We’re going to just keep searching anywhere we can,” said Lathrice Hamilton, the child’s great aunt as she took a break from poking through dumpsters and walking back alleys not far from the family home in the 500 block of Chase Street. “Everyday that goes by is torture. Its heartbreaking because we don’t have him here with us and he’s the centerpiece to our family. He’s new to us.”

Wednesday afternoon Willie Wilson told IMPD that he was accosted by a white male and hispanic female who tried to rob him. Wilson said the couple ignored his two cell phones, his wallet and his marijuana but punched him, pistolwhipped him and took his child. Wilson said he was momentarily knocked unconcious yet provided police with a detailed description of his attacker’s clothes literally from head to foot. Wilson can also be heard calmly explaining to a 911 operator that his, “daughter…uh…son,” was taken.

“I just don’t believe him. his story is not consistent,” said Candy Wright, a regular at the Harding Street Pub & Grub which has a parking lot and al fresco dining area on the alley where Wilson claimed he was attacked. Wright said she saw Wilson interviewed on television. “He ain’t been hit…because I know if I hit somebody it would’ve made a helluva mark on them.”

Delano’s family continues to stand behind his mother Taniasha Perkins and her boyfriend.

“We just wish people would keep their negative comments to themselves because right now our focus is Delano,” said Hamilton. “Taniasha and Willie aren’t doing too great but at the same time they’re pulling it together so they can find their son so we’re doing this for them.”

Shaquannah Bosman was walking by her friend’s side.

“Its hurtful. Its very hurtful,” she said. “I commend them for all they are doing. If the shoes were on the other foot I don’t know what my circumstances would be.”

Hamilton said her family was comforted by a prayer vigil organized by Young Men, Inc., Ten Point Coalition and Westside Ministries.

In conjunction with the faith-based community, IMPD practices the “Safe Surrender” approach to encourage suspects or witnesses to come to police in the company of a clergy member.

Bosman is certain someone in the community knows what happened to Baby Delano.

“There is somebody out there because whoever did this has probably said something or someway act weird or some kind of different way that they haven’t act before or so if you do know a person like this or know something about this please call the people that you’re supposed to call.”





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