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Family of strangled, burned Indianapolis teen: ‘We want justice’

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INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 2, 2014) - The family of an abducted teenager whose body was found burned called for justice while speaking for the first time about her death.

"Justice is going to be served. In this life or the next," said Shenika Poindexter, sister of Dominique Allen.

The 15-year-old was was found behind a home in the 1100 block of Elder Avenue Sunday. Her death was from "homicidal asphyxiation," the coroner ruled Tuesday.

"She did not deserve this," Poindexter said. "She was 15 years old, doing what normal 15 year olds do. I swear to God, on my life, that you will pay for what you did."

"We just want justice for our sister. We want justice," said Mareeka Allen, another of the teen's sisters. "God have mercy on your soul."

Family members said they had no idea why the 15-year-old girl was targeted and said she was sitting outside minding her own business when she was abducted and killed. Her father, Louis, said the last time he saw his daughter was Friday night after she came home from school. Louis Allen said he had just lost his wife and retired to take care of his daughter.

The family called Allen's death a "careless, random act" and doesn't believe she knew her killer.

"She never does anything out of character," Mareeka Allen said.

Police confirmed Tuesday they believe she was abducted around 5 a.m. Sunday outside her sister's house in the 1400 block of North Mount Street. They said her abductor drove Allen to an abandoned house near 10th and Lynn streets and strangled her, before setting her body on fire in the backyard of the Elder Avenue home.

Police said Allen's sandals and purse were found in the backyard of a house next to the residence police believe she was strangled in. They said that house was also abandoned.  The location is approximately less than a mile from where she was abducted.

"...It's just a horrible act, and she definitely did not deserve to be killed in the manner she was killed," said IMPD Detective Marcus Kennedy at a press conference Tuesday.

Authorities are looking at other missing persons and runaway cases.  They said they are also searching the sex offender registry in connection with the case.  A search of the registry showed more than 100 sex offenders that either live or work within a mile of the location Allen was last seen.

Family members said the 15-year-old aspired to be a model and wanted to move to Atlanta someday.


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