Comfortable today with heat building on Thursday and Friday

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(Sept. 3, 2014) - The weather today turns comfortable as the upper low that had been keeping our weather unsettled finally pushes off to our northeast.  This should mean plenty of sunshine throughout the day with only a passing cloud.  Highs today should be in the mid-80s.

One more chance?


Could Thursday and Friday be the last chance of the year to hit 90?  In Indianapolis once you get to September 90s are generally rare.  The city averages 1.5 90 degree days for the month of September and only 0.1 for October.  That’s not a lot.  That also means when you have a chance for hitting 90 degrees during this period you aren’t going to get too many more after that.  How it stands right now our “core temperatures” (850 temps) will be warm enough to support 90s both Thursday and Friday.  The forecast has 850 temps both days near 20C.  When you convert this to temperatures at the surface you are looking at a high of somewhere close to 95 degrees!  This is also supported by last week’s weather with similar 850 temps when we climbed to 93°.  90s are certainly possible both day and I’d say likely on Friday.

The heat won’t last

If you’re a fan of the 90s then you may want to take the day off and enjoy the weather on both Thursday and Friday because some changes are certainly headed our way.  On Friday night a cold front will slowly sink through the state bringing a chance for some big rain totals to the state.  High dew points show that moisture will be readily available at the surface with the front acting as the trigger mechanism.  The front will not be moving north to south quickly so any storms and rain that develop from it will likely train over the same areas for a couple of hours.  This will raise rain totals in some communities.

Behind the Friday night and Saturday front, temperatures will fall.  Saturday is going to be an interesting day with the high temperature likely reached at midnight for the day.  Midday highs will likely only be in the low to perhaps mid-70s with plenty of clouds around.  Light drizzle may at times continue during the day.

Sunday will be mostly clear with highs in the mid-70s.  The weather will remain comfortable.  Monday and Tuesday are looking just as dry and pleasant as Sunday with highs in the low 80s.  Low humidity levels will allow temperatures to fall into the middle 50s On Sunday and Monday mornings!