Counselors back at Ben Davis after freshman found strangled, burned

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UPDATE (9:42 p.m.):  Dominique Allen's friend, who was reported missing, has returned home Wednesday night, says police.
INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 3, 2014) - Counselors will be at Ben Davis High School again Wednesday as students and staff try to cope with the murder of a freshman.
Fifteen-year-old Dominique Allen was strangled and her body was dumped and burned in a backyard.Seventy people took advantage of the extra counselors Tuesday. They will be available for the rest of the week, and longer if needed.Allen's family says she was always bubbly and friendly and aspired to be a model.She was last seen around 4 a.m. Sunday on her sister's front porch on Mount Street. IMPD believes she was abducted by a stranger in a car around 5 a.m., then taken to a nearby abandoned home on 10th Street where she was strangled. Her body was burned in a backyard at Elder and 11th streets.

A resident found her body and called police.

In a twist to the story, Allen's good friend is missing.

Crystal Collins says her 16-year-old daughter has been missing since last week. Karensha Phelps was last seen at Allen's sister's house.

According to Collins, Allen was her daughter's role model and they'd been friends since elementary school.

Collins says Phelps has a history of running away, but always goes to a friend's home and quickly returns. She hasn't been seen or heard from since Aug. 22, and there has been no activity on any of her social media accounts.

"If something happened to Dominique, KK (Karensha) would have surfaced by now," said Collins. "We haven't had a phone call. She has everybody's number by heart.  Maybe my daughter's scared because she knew something, then something happened. Or maybe something happened to her or somebody has her. We just don't know. My gut feeling is somebody has my baby or she's scared and she knows something."

Collins says her daughter answers to Kat or KK and has a lower back tattoo that says "Kat."

If you have any information, contact IMPD Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.