IMPD, Ten Point Coalition showing presence in neighborhood where baby went missing

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Update: Willie Wilson was found not guilty of murder. Read more here.

Original story:

By Tanae Howard

From desperate pleas to "bring baby Delano home" to intense searches throughout the southwest side neighborhood where 6-week-old Delano Wilson went missing, the efforts continue as fewer and fewer tips are being received.

"We haven't received any new information so it makes it very difficult to go and look for something. So unless we receive some credible information that leads us to a new search area there's just nowhere to search," said IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams.

Ten Point Coalition wants build a bond with the family and the neighborhood. Friday night they're planning a faith walk as a way to show support and hopefully get some new leads.

"A lot of times people won't talk to police but a lot of times when we're out on scenes people kind of talk and we want to be as help as we can as an organization to help to try locate this baby," sais Ten Point Coalition leader, Rev. Charles Harrison.

It's been more than a week since the child's father Willie Wilson told police someone snatched the baby from his arms during a robbery in an alley near the family's home. Since then, police have questioned mom, dad and other relatives. Investigators even seized swatches of carpet and plumbing to take in for forensic testing. But still nothing.

"we understand that solving crime is not just a police departments issue. Because as we said with this case people on those streets know what happened. But they've got to call us and let us know," said Adams.

From Little Eagle Creek to the woods along the White River there is still no sign of baby Delano and now community leaders are asking for all hands on deck and to speak up if you know anything.

"We have to start caring. And we're gonna be there tonight because we care. We care about that family, we care about this missing child and we feel like maybe with us getting involved we'll encourage others to get involved across the city," said Rev. Harrison.

As an extension of a day of unity IMPD will conduct its late night roll call Friday for the southwest district in the neighborhood where the baby went missing.

IMPD says their team has put in 500 manpower hours to find this missing baby, but without new tips clues about the baby's whereabouts have hit a wall.

Ten Point Coalition will gather for their faith walk in front of the family's home in the 500 block of Chase St. 8pm Friday night.