Judge again denies quad murder suspect’s marriage request

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Kenneth Rackemann

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 5, 2014) – The marriage is still off—at least for now.

Kenneth “Cody” Rackemann, accused in a February 2014 quadruple murder on South Parker Avenue, again asked if he could marry his fiancée in jail while he awaits trial. Marion Superior Judge Kurt Eisgruber again denied the request.

In April, the judge rejected another request by Rackemann to get married.

Rackemann, 24, is facing the death penalty for the killings of Walter Burnell, 47; Jacob Rodemich, 43; and Kristy Sanchez, 22. He’s accused of wounding Hayley Navarro, 21, and ordering someone else to kill her. Anthony LaRussa, Valencia Williams and Samantha Bradley are also charged in the case.

The shootings happened on Feb. 20, 2014, while Rackemann and the others carried out a robbery, police said.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry elected to pursue the death penalty because of the nature of the killings and the number of victims. Rackemann was on parole when it happened.

According to our media partners at the Indy Star, the judge said Rackemann’s request poses security concerns for the jail.

Another court hearing on Rackemann’s marriage request is set for Oct. 10. During that time, a representative from the sheriff’s office will discuss any concerns about security related to Rackemann’s wedding.