Faith community rallies for peace

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Sep. 7, 2014)–The Irvington Association of Ministers held a peace rally Sunday morning. Faith leaders gathered on the front lawn of the George W. Julian School.

“One voice can’t do anything, but many voices together through prayer and through fellowship–we can stem this violence and we think something needs to be done,” said Rev. Robert Heimach, Irvington Presbyterian Church.

Organizers made it clear that they held the event to promote peace and not as a protest. However, the faith based group says they knew they had to do something after the death of Officer Perry Renn and the continued violence on the eastside.

“We wanted to say something that would indicate to the people of Indianapolis that violence is not the way to solve disagreements and conflicts,” said Dr. Galen L. Schwarz, Irvington Presbyterian Church.

Approximately 100 people held signs, sang, and joined in a group prayer.

Marland Pittman lives in Irvington, and wanted to show his son that violence is not the answer.

“We recognize the problem.  We see enough bad stuff everyday, so we said we have to do something,” said Pittman.

While the Irvington Association of Ministers don’t claim to have the answers to end violence, they say they were tired of watching crime ruin their neighborhood, which is part of the reason the wanted to speak up and hold the rally.

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