Colts players, victim advocates react to violent Ray Rice video

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By Kendall Downing

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Colts players are reacting to violent video that surfaced Monday, showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his now-wife in an Atlantic City elevator.

The incident happened back in February. The new video, released by TMZ, shows Rice knocking Janay Palmer unconscious in the elevator, then dragging her body out of it. Hours after the video showed up on TMZ, the Baltimore Ravens terminated Rice's contract.

Minutes later he was indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

Rice initially got a two-game suspension, the result of video previously released showing Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator.

The whole situation sparked outrage that the NFL is not tough enough on domestic violence and caused the league to toughen its stance, with a new policy issued by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, back on August 28th.

We talked to Colts players on Monday afternoon, all of them well aware of the video and the situation.

"People (have) been texting me and talking about it, obviously an unfortunate situation," said Vontae Davis, Colts cornerback.

The video is violent, hard to watch, and one that has Colts players sounding off about Ray Rice and domestic violence caught on camera.

"Coach preaches to us about being on top of our decision making, making the best decision at all times. And I'm sure he wishes he had that one back," said Dwayne Allen, Colts tight end.

In the video, you clearly see Rice punch Janay Palmer and then drag her out of the elevator. The two are now married. Rice went into an intervention program in May and will not be prosecuted by the courts, but public opinion may be a different story.

"So often this is a crime that's behind closed doors and people don't have an understanding of what the crime can really look like," said Catherine O'Connor with The Julian Center, "Domestic violence is a violent crime and needs to be taken seriously by the community."

O'Connor said the video is eye-opening and brings another round of needed attention to the crime.

"That's an unfortunate situation too, but I wish the best for him. It is what it is," said Cory Redding, Colts Defensive End.

It comes as the NFL's policy on domestic violence just got tougher.

"As players, as men, you don't ever want to be in domestic violence or put your hands up to a woman. Obviously, we don't support that. No one does, and there should be a strict stance against that," said Vontae Davis.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that tougher stance back in August. It calls for a six game suspension for violating the domestic violence policy on the first offense, and on the second, a lifetime ban from the league.

Janay Palmer issued a response on her Instagram Tuesday:

J Rice instagram post

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