Mayor Ballard will continue pushing his public safety plan Wednesday morning

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By Lindy Thackston

Indianapolis (Sept. 10, 2014) — Mayor Greg Ballard and other top city officials will present the mayor’s plan to address crime and public safety to community leaders Wednesday during the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs, IMPD Chief Rick Hite, Deputy Mayor of Education Jason Kloth and Chief of Staff Ryan Vaughn will join the Mayor at 8 a.m. at the WellPoint Corporate Offices downtown.

The mayor is spending much of the week out in the community promoting his plan.

Half his plan was already approved this week when city-county councilors voted 19-10 to raise Marion County income taxes by .15% for public safety. The tax will fund 150 officers for a total of around 280 new officers by 2018. The Mayor’s Office says it will cost the average Marion County taxpayer about $5 a month.

The part of the plan to fund public safety, which involves eliminating the homestead tax credit, was voted down in an amendment again and is expected to be reintroduced next week.

Five million dollars would fund pre-school education for low-income kids.

Democrats say they are working on their own plan to fund pre-K without raising taxes. They are being tight-lipped because it’s still in the works, but say details will be available later this week.

The full council must approve the plan within the next few weeks for it to be in place next fall.

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