SAY WHAT? | Bridesmaid for hire

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(September 10, 2014) – There are plenty of odd jobs out there, but what about being hired as a bridesmaid?

According to USA Today, the business Bridesmaid for Hire is an idea hatched by New Yorker Jen Glantz, an experienced bridesmaid.

Glantz says being a bridesmaid can put a strain on friendships. “I’ve heard from some of my friends who have been a bridesmaid and they complain about what the bride is doing. After the wedding is done, they never speak again.”

So the role is more like a personal assistant, rather than BFF.

Glantz offers a variety of services starting at $199 — which gets you virtual advice — to more than $1,000, for which she’ll participate in the ceremony.

“There’s nobody else in the wedding party trained to know how to deal with the challenges and the obstacles that a bride faces during her wedding,” says Glantz.

USA Today reports that Glantz plans to train others to be professional bridesmaids and says she has been approached about turning her enterprise into a book, reality TV show or a movie.

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