State unveils improved transparency web site

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INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 10, 2014) – With the click of a mouse, you can now look up all kinds of information about state-owned buildings, equipment and other assets. It’s all part of Indiana’s newly-updated transparency portal web site.

“You can already find information about state employee salaries (and) you can find out who does business with Indiana. Now for the first time ever you’ll be able to easily access details of what your tax dollars are spent on,” said auditor Suzanne Crouch, who unveiled the improved site at a Wednesday press conference. “The more the public knows about their government, the better their government is going to perform and the more transparent our government is the more accountable it is to the taxpayers.”

But Crouch’s opponent in this fall’s election says the state still isn’t being transparent enough.

“It’s fabulous they have expanded to include fixed assets,” said candidate Mike Claytor, a Democrat. “That’s going to beneficial for people. The issue is completeness, we do know there are things that have been taken off the portal or that are missing.”

“Indiana’s transparency portal was ranked number one in the country,” said Crouch. “This is a next step in terms of making Indiana state government more transparent.”

The site breaks down all of Indiana’s fixed assets, worth some $13 billion collectively.

Some of Indiana’s biggest assets: the government center buildings, worth a combined $276 million and the Indiana State Museum, worth about $96 million. The statehouse itself was valued at $32.9 million, which includes equipment and upgrades made to the facility.

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