Girl, 3, goes home after quarantined in hospital with enterovirus

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LAFAYETTE - A three-year-old Lafayette girl came home Friday morning after spending days quarantined in the hospital.

Wearing a surgical mask Eva Walker held up a sign that read 'I'm OK' as she left IU Health Arnett Hospital.

Doctor's confirmed that she had contracted an enterovirus, but did not know yet if it's the same type that's sending kids to the hospital across the Midwest.

"I feel great knowing that she is better," said Joe Walker, Eva's father.

Eva got sick on Monday and came home early from daycare. Walker said she was throwing up and had a high fever. At first, he and his wife thought it was the flu. Within hours it was clear that Eva's condition was much worse.

"She couldn`t keep anything down. She didn`t wanna move at all. She was kinda just like a limp body weight."

By Tuesday, Eva was at the hospital hooked up to an IV and breathing tube. When doctors discovered she had contracted an enterovirus, they placed her in quarantine.

"I was very scared," said Walker. "Daddy's little girl. I was very concerned."

It's why Walker and his wife want to warn other parents to be alert and know just how fast the virus works and how bad it can get if you don't catch the signs.

"I mean it just goes from 1 to 10 fast."

The good news is kids who contract the virus are getting better. Walker said Eva is feeling much better and keeping down food. She's not allowed to have too many visitors as her immune system gets back to full strength.