Looks like the early arrival of fall-like weather will last the rest of summer

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(Sept. 12, 2014) - The weather today remains unsettled for most of the day with us possibly seeing some sunshine through the clouds just before the sun goes down.  Light drizzle will be possible first thing this morning as we continue to see cold air advection occurring.  The cooler air arriving will keep us overcast similar to yesterday’s weather.  A reinforcement of cool air will arrive tonight in the form of a cold front.  Our rain chances will go up as the front passes with light rain to drizzle expected to continue overnight and into the early Saturday morning hours.

Football Friday Night


Tonight’s football action will be the coolest of the season so far but at least it should be dry.  It looks like rain chances will roll in after 10 p.m. with just light rain to drizzle being possible as a cool front slides through the state.  No storms are expected.

Winds will be light with game time temperatures near 64 degrees.  I am hopeful that we will see some sunshine at about this time through partly cloudy skies.  The sun won’t warm us up much at all with us already having a cool airmass in place ahead of the reinforcement of cold air.

Your weekend


Sunday will be the nicer of the two days with light rain to drizzle being possible to start off Saturday.  Saturday highs will be in the low 60s with highs near 70 on Sunday.

The only active weather chance will be on Saturday morning with the light rain perhaps persisting into the afternoon.  Saturday should be similar to both today and yesterday when it comes to cloud cover with us seeing overcast skies and conditions throughout the day.  Sunday should be mostly sunny but cool with a fall like airmass in place.  The air will be crisp and it will feel cool for much of the day.

Next week and beyond


At this point next week is looking cool and uneventful with highs each day near 70 degrees.  It looks like the early start of fall will last up until the official start of fall with this cool airmass here to stay for some time.  There is a small chance for rain and perhaps a storm or two on Monday evening as a short wave passes by.

Looking at long range GFS model data indicates there is no big warm-up on the way.  Our 850 temps won't top 14c for the next 15 days according to model data coming in this morning.  On a perfect day 14c mixed down to the surface is a surface temperature of about 84 degrees.  If model data is correct that 14c comes on a day of storms and cloudy conditions.  We may not hit the 80s before the beginning of fall and may only have two or three more 80-degree days this year. We can safely say goodbye to any more 90 degree days.