EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes look at IMPD after hours club raid

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 14, 2014) -- Police seized guns, money, drugs and thousands worth of cash during a raid at an after hours club Sunday morning.

"We found  patrons consuming alcoholic beverages, guns and we found some narcotics inside as well," said IMPD Det. Sgt. William Carter.

68 people were issued a summons for their arrest and six people with outstanding warrants were arrested and transported in a Marion County Jail van.

"The fact that this location doesn't even open until 3 a.m should be a red flag for patrons," said Carter.

The IMPD Vice and Nuisance Abatement Units conducted the raid.

The after hours night club was operating out of the 'BW Thrift Store' near the intersection of Winthrop Ave. and 30th Street. Police say this location was a front for the after hours operation.

"It’s disguised as a thrift store.   Obviously, there's no clothes in there.   There are no permits for anything inside this business," said Carter.

FOX59 was given exclusive access inside the club as police arrived on scene.

Police seized two guns, 6 bags of marijuana, 4 bags of cocaine, illegal gambling tables and about $7,000 in cash.  The club was also serving alcohol without a permit.

According to court documents, the property is owned by V.L. Rhodes Leasing, Sales, And Services, LLC. The building is rented and operated by George Grigsby according to court documents.

Police say Grigsby operated a similar after hours night club at the Big Fellas restaurant at Fairfield and North College Avenues.

"Mr. Grigsby rents the location, and  he was the individual running the location in July.  He has admitted that he rents from the individual who owns the building," said Carter.

Now, the building is closed and IMPD has placed  a temporary restraining order posted on the door.

"It's disguised as a thrift store and obviously there is nothing to sell inside," said Det. Sgt. Carter.

Grigsby and the property owner will appear in court Sep. 22 at 9 a.m.

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