Praying for Indiana’s law enforcement, public safety officials

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By Eric Levy

WHITESTOWN, Ind. (Sept. 14, 2014) -- Praying for members of law enforcement and public safety.

Two central Indiana churches came together as one to pray, not just for police officers, but for everyone in public safety. Those in public safety--like police officers and firefighters--have some of the toughest jobs out there. That's why members of Traders Point Christian Church in Whitestown, as well as College Park Church on the north side of Indianapolis, believe the power of prayer will give them even more strength to do their job.

"They keep us safe while we are asleep, they're working 24/7, it's a privilege to pray for them," said Pete Eriksen, who was with his wife Elaine for the prayer service.

"We have Mayberry, and Andy Griffith in our minds, and we need times like this so that we know who's serving us," Mrs. Eriksen said.

Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs came to the prayer service, as well as the new Indianapolis Fire Chief Ernest Malone. There were Marion County sheriff's deputies and police officers from all over central Indiana who were given prayer from the hundreds of church members.

"They also expect law enforcement to be held to a higher standard, to live up to the integrity that we talk about, the bravery we talk about and they're seeing that with in all the police departments in central Indiana," Riggs said.

"I know that we have a lot of men and women that place themselves in harms way on a consistent basis for our safety and protection, and we'd just like to know how we can pray for them and how we can serve them," said Aaron Brockett, lead pastor for Traders Point Christian Church.

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