Teen nearly abducted speaks out; gives advice to kids and parents

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By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 13, 2014) -- Attempted abduction, and one of the teens targeted is speaking out.

It happened as a 13-year-old was playing basketball with friends along New St. near E. Minnesota St., just south of downtown Indianapolis.

"We just ran, and it was real scary," said Christian Phillips.

Phillips said he was playing basketball with friends, and knew something wasn't right when he saw a newer model red four-door car with tinted windows sitting in the alley across the street from where they were. They all kept playing, until he heard the guy scream.

"Get in the car," Christian recalled.

That's when he and his friends took off running in to a house owned by his friend's Grandmother. Adults called 911, the guy disappeared, but Christian says he knew what to do because what happened to his friend last month. We introduced you to George Boyd August 28th after he said he was yanked in to a stranger's car in that same neighborhood, and fought with the bad guy for half an hour before he was let go some blocks away!

"If they are try to abduct me, abduct any kid, I would run and tell an adult, someone that you trust," Christian advised.

Since this happened, his parents prefer he check in with them every 20 minutes. Christian says parents should use this as an example to watch their kids even closer than usual.

"If they are, have them check in all the time," he said.

Police are searching and investigating both scary situations. Christian wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and said he'd consider using this story to educate kids on stranger dangers.

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