Appeals court stays same-sex marriage ruling pending Supreme Court decision

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(Sept. 15, 2014) – A federal appeals court continued its stay in Indiana’s same-sex marriage case.

The move was expected after a three-judge panel ruled the state’s marriage equality law unconstitutional earlier this month. The decision followed that of a federal judge who also ruled against the law. The state of Indiana and plaintiffs in the case have asked the Supreme Court to ultimately decide the issue. The state had requested the stay while it appeals the case.

The stay means same-sex marriages remain on hold in Indiana until the case is decided.

From the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals:

IT IS ORDERED that the motion is GRANTED. The mandate in appeals 14-2386, 14-2387, and 14-2383 is STAYED pending final disposition of petition for writ of certiorari. The stay will terminate automatically if the certiorari petition is denied or will terminate upon the judgment of the Supreme Court if the certiorari petition is granted

The Indiana case and similar cases in four other states are up for consideration at the Supreme Court’s Sept. 29 private conference. The court could agree to hear one or more of the cases, deny them or wait before making a decision.

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